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Cocktails In The City

*Gifted Experience.

This is the second year that Cocktails In The City have visited Liverpool. They bring together the best of independent bars from across the city all under one roof.

If you’re wondering how the event works, it’s a similar vibe to the likes of the Gin Festivals. However, clearly different alcohols are used within the drinks each bar offers, which I personally think opens it up to more people to enjoy.

I met the team behind Cocktails In The City at their pre-launch event in Eden, Liverpool. Eden is the brand new outside haven set up inside of Red Door (Berry St). It was my 1st time visiting Eden, as it only opened this summer, and it certainly won’t be my last.

After meeting the team they asked me to come along to the main weekend event of Cocktails In The City and be a judge. This entailed me & Ste going round 11 bars and trying their signature cocktails they had created especially for this evening.

So here’s a run down of how that night went, what cocktails we enjoyed, the laughs we shared, and how I want this brilliant event to come back next year.

Saturday Night Cocktails

This years Cocktail event was in the Great Baltic Warehouse. A great location in the hub of the Baltic Triangle. This quirky space was the perfect setting for independent bars from across the city to set up miniature versions of their permanent set ups.

I loved this concept as it offered a good insight in to what to expect if you go to the real bar.

Myself and Ste haven’t visited a few of the bars chosen to partake this year, and that’s another reason why I loved this event. It put places on the map for me, in my own city.

Our task for the night was to head to each bar, rate them on their cocktail and their set up, and interaction with guests. This was a task we were happy to undertake, after all I’ve had plenty of cocktail drinking experience to bring to the table.

Disclaimer – We were very well behaved on the night, and we shared the majority of drinks from each bar. We had to keep our heads about us guys, I was working after all.

Let’s Get Down To Business

The first few cocktails we had were from Berry & Rye, Eden, Jenny’s Bar, and Petite Cafe du coin.

Berry and Rye (Berry Street) is a speak easy bar, they offered a whisky based drink. Whiskey isn’t my go to drink I must say. It’s a very acquired taste, but I did like the way they paired their drink with a serving of cheese.

Jenny’s bar (Fenwick Street) is a tucked away cocktail bar in the heart of the city centre. We tried a Gin and Fizz cocktail from there and it was one of my favourites.

I’m drawn to cocktails that either taste sweet, like juice, or have fizz in them. Always love a bit of fizz.

Eden (Berry Street) served up one of the show stopper cocktails of the evening. The poison apple is inspired by the story of Snow White. It contains dry ice, and a colour changing syrup to add to the drink. It is also delicious.

Petit Cafe Du Coin had the best set up to me. They recreated their petite french bar atmosphere in the middle of the buzzing event. Their cocktails were served in old style champagne glasses, and added to the atmosphere perfectly.

Round 2 of Cocktail Heaven

After a short break we headed for a few more bars.

Volpi (Duke St, formerly Filter & Fox) were serving up their twist on the Italian classic, a Negroni. I had never tried a Negroni before, traditionally they come with gin, but Volpi made theirs with Tequila. *Sadly now closed in the city centre*

We then hopped over to Ex-Directory (a secret bar located on Hockenhall Alley) to grab another fizz based cocktail. This had to be the most unique glass I’ve ever drank from, my drink came in a stiletto!

Red Door perked us back up again with their take on the Espresso Martini. I love an Espresso Martini, and this one with tequila in tasted amazing.

With only a few bars remaining we headed to Frederiks (Hope St) for another whiskey based cocktail. Although the drink wasn’t my favourite, it did get served with dark chocolate shavings on top & a salted caramel biscuit.

Round 3 and The Final 3 Cocktails

After a quick bite to eat, which was very much needed after all the cocktails we’d had so far, it was time to try the last 3 drinks of the night. These were from Bongo’s Bungalow, Aether and Stylist Loves bar.

Stylist magazine is one of the sponsors of the event. They had their own bar set up serving up Laurent Perrier based drinks. I love Laurent Perrier sparkling rose, so I had to go for one with this in.

Bongo’s Bungalow was by far the craziest, but most fun set up of the night. You could play connect 4 against the “Nan”, hangout with cardboard cut outs of David Attenborough & Trevor McDonald, all whilst enjoying their Pink Fluffy Unicorn Cocktail (which they sold out of!)

Our last bar of the night was Aether (Chavasse Park, L1). They were offering up the ultimate summer time cocktails, either watermelon or coconut based drinks. The bar men were so fun & friendly. We even had a go of coconut bowling with them.

Grab Your Tickets Quick

All in all our night at Cocktails in the City was brilliant. We haven’t had a laugh like that in such a long time. If it comes to the city again I will certainly be getting a ticket.

Tickets are £12.50 and include your guide book & your 1st cocktail. After that your tokens on the night for cocktails range from £5-6.50.

The gem of this event is, is that if it comes to your city, or one near you, you’re guaranteed to try out drinks from the best bars across town. You’re in luck if you live near Manchester as the last event for this year is there in October. Tickets are on sale now via the Cocktails website.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. Does this sound like a good night out or what?

Jessi xoxo

*tickets for this event and tokens for drinks were gifted. This evening was a complimentary experience.



  1. September 1, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    I’m off to Liverpool next month and have been looking for some places for cocktails, so I’ll 100% visiting some of the places you’ve mentioned here 😇 I love Gin & Fizz, so Jenny’s bar sounds like the perfect place for me! x

    • jessiloublog
      November 4, 2019 / 3:46 pm

      Hi Kim. Sorry this is a late reply. I wasn’t notified of your comment. But thank you for reading & I’m so glad you took inspo from this post. Did you enjoy your time in Liverpool? Xx

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