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There’s no surprise that Dior is one of my favourite luxury beauty brands. I’ve classed myself as a Dior girl for years. Thanks to my Mum introducing me to it.

You’ll also know that I love to shop at the counter in Debenhams, Liverpool, with the lovely ladies on there. They emailed me to see if I would like to come and try out the newly launched products.

Dior Capture Youth Collection. Dior Beauty Review. UK Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

The latest Dior launch is called Capture Youth. It’s a brand new line of skin care, designed for women to capture their youthful essence. A lot of creams and serums are designed for anti-ageing. But what about just capturing and preserving your current look? Especially for us ladies who are aged between 25-35.

This is what Dior Beauty also thought, hence the introduction of Capture Youth collection.

The full collection is made up of 5 serums and a moisturiser. Each serum has been designed to target different skin issues. Whether it’s dryness, redness, or your skin needs some Vitamin C, Dior have you covered.

I love using a serum, as it targets the part of your skin that a cream won’t reach. Using a serum along side your moisturiser will do your skin so much more good. I was never a regular serum user until about 1 year ago. Now I am hooked, and different ones are a part of my beauty regime.

Dior Capture Youth Collection. Dior Beauty Review. UK Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

The serums that caught my eye and ones I wanted to know more about are the Life Sculptor serum and the Vitamin C Booster.

These both layer really well together. The Life Sculptor adds more elasticity and lift to your skin. Whereas the Vitamin C Booster adds back radiance.

The Life Sculptor serum applies all over your face. Two small pumps of the liquid will go a long way. This is designed to be patted over all your face and neck.

You won’t need as much of the Vitamin C booster serum, as it is only designed to use a few drops in your routine. Rub the serum in to your hands then dab this on to your cheeks, and forehead.

Dior Capture Youth Collection. Dior Beauty Review. UK Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

This is where the Capture Youth Moisturiser comes in to play. This moisturiser is made up of 88% naturally derived ingredients. It is gentle on the skin, and very light, leaving the skin youthful looking.

Apply this over both serums to achieve your full glowing look. Honestly, your skin will be looking radiant.

Don’t be scared in thinking that because you have layerd 3 things on to your skin already, that you’ll feel shiny, and clogged up. That’s certainly not the case.

The serums sink in to your skin, to target areas below the skins surface. Once the creme is applied on top, then that too will set dry. It soaks in to any dehydrated parts of your face.

Dior Capture Youth Collection. Dior Beauty Review. UK Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

Once my base was all set, I wanted to try the brand new Dior Foundation, Forever Undercover. I am a big Dior foundation fan, using the Diorskin Forever regularly.

This new foundation formula is lighter, and is more water based than other Dior foundations. I’d say is has medium coverage but is certainly build-able. A little amount of this goes a long way. That’s another reason I love Dior products, they’re built to last you a while.

The other new aspect to the foundation is that it is built to last for 24 hours. So it’s created to be party proof, kiss proof and life proof.

The final touch to my look is from the new Lip Glow collection. I didn’t know what to expect from these, as I thought they were just another lipstick launch. And did I really need to fall in love with more lipsticks! They’re actually tinted lip balms, and I love them!

You can see from my swatch that the colours are very light, but still show off lovely shades. The collection has expanded from the original glow lip balms, to include Metallic and Matte shades.

They’re designed to wear alone, when they can react to the natural colour tones in your lips. Layered on top of one another, the metallic and matte shades wear well. They can also be used on top of lipsticks. The formula for these are concentrated with mango butter, which keeps lips hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Dior Capture Youth Collection. Dior Beauty Review. UK Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

Wearing only Dior Skincare, Undercover Foundation & Lip Glow in Berry.

Join the Glow Squad

Overall, the idea behind the new launches is to celebrate your current beauty, and make it last longer. It’s all about the natural glow, almost the no-makeup-makeup-look.

For days when I want a more natural look, usually when I’m in work or having a relaxing weekend, these products would be perfect. I’d recommend going to your nearest Dior counter & having a trial of ones that catch your eye.

Dior is a luxury brand, and isn’t one that I can shop from continually. But, I do save up to shop there, as the cost of products are worth the quality. I have built up a collection of Dior Beauty, so I think my next purchase will be some of the Dior Skincare.

If you want to see more of the products then you can shop them from Debenhams (like me), or the Dior site.

What do you think? Is it a collection you like the look of?

Jessi xoxo




  1. February 14, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    Ooo the serums sound lovely! I would never have thought to use two at onces though, I would have always feared my skin would end up excessively oily or clogged! These sound so lightweight though! Sound like something I need to investigate, I love a good serum!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • jessiloublog
      February 19, 2018 / 7:21 pm

      They are super lightweight, and make up applies over them lovely. Definitely go check them out.

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