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First of all, I would just like to say a big thank you to all those who have been following the blog, and leaving me comments on how they’ve liked my posts, I really do appreciate it.

It’s so nice when people tell me they have bought and loved products off my recommendations, or visited places in the city centre. It makes me want to keep writing and make the blog even better and better. So please stay with me, and enjoy my blogging journey!

Now on to the next topic that I have wanted to write about for a while, Fashion On Netflix.

If you love fashion and enjoy learning more about your favourite designers and how the fashion bible (Vogue) is put together then these documentaries are a must for you.

I’ll talk through why I love them, and hopefully you may not have seen them all, and you now have something new to entertain yourself with one evening, or on a chilled afternoon.

Dior and I

“Dior and I” follows Raf Simons in his first season as Creative Director at Dior. He has a short number of weeks to get a unique collection together to display at Fashion Week, plus to build a rapport with the long standing team at the Parisian Atelier.

It is a brilliant documentary that shows both the hard workings, day to day and night to night of the Haute Couture team. It shows you the history of Dior through beautiful black and white footage and voice overs of the thoughts of Christian Dior.

The thing I enjoyed most about this documentary was seeing the ins and outs of the Atelier, and the expertise and craftsmanship of the men and women there.

I did think though that Raf never felt at ease whilst there, I’m not sure why, it’s just something I picked up on, and I wonder if this lead to his short time at the company as he only joined in 2012 and left in 2015.

Have a watch and see what you think, for nothing else, the dresses are beautiful!

The September Issue

This is an oldie but a goodie. It was released in 2009 but I’m sure the offices of Vogue are just as busy and fabulous.

This follows Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue USA, and her team (including the fabulous Grace Coddington, who has now left Vogue) building up to the release of the September Issue of Vogue. This is the biggest issue of the year.

People say this issue is the biggest as it is the start of new things, a new autumn/winter fashion season, a new school year, and since the release of this documentary other magazines September issue’s have been on the larger side.

The film shows what goes in to prepping the final pages, how to dress a photoshoot, how to choose the cover star. You also get a glimpse in to the life of Anna Wintour.

Jeremy Scott – The People’s Designer

This is the most recent documentary I have watched on Netflix, and I have to say it’s not one of my favourites, however still interesting.

It is all about the life of the fashion designer Jeremy Scott and how he became the creative director of Moschino.

His fashion designs are clearly not for everyone, but he has fun with fashion and draws on popular culture in his designs. Like using the McDonald’s colours and fast food ideas for prints on dresses, or creating a whole range based on Barbie.

Stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus all star in the documentary and are huge fans of his. It is worth a watch to see how a dream and determination got him from a farm in Missouri to the head of Moschino.

Bill Cunningham

This documentary is one of my favourites of all time because Bill is a complete legend.

Before I say why I love it, I have to add that Bill sadly passed away in June 2016 and left behind a huge hole in the fashion industry. As well as leaving many, including myself, devastated at his passing. He used to mainly work around the 57th Street and 5th Avenue corner, and since his death they have renamed this corner Bill Cunningham Corner, which is totally amazing. I can’t wait to hopefully visit it one day.

So I love this documentary because it shows that no matter what age you are or get to, if you love your work and your passion then you can always do it.

Bill was a fashion photographer, mainly photographing street style, and fashion weeks. His column in the New York Times of street style has continued to be ground breaking and hugely popular by people all over the world.

This documentary not only shows him at work, in his 80’s (yes really!), but also his personal life. He’s so quirky, and kind, that it’s impossible not to love him.

His eye for capturing things though is what put him on the map. He spots things others can’t, and will graft for hours in any weather to get that amazing street fashion shot. He’ll be very missed riding round New York in his blue overalls coat and on his bike.

This documentary is SO worth the watch.

Iris Apfel

Again, this documentary shows another legend in the world of fashion. Iris was an interior designer, she worked for Women’s Wear Daily, along with setting up her own textile business with husband Carl.

She worked on refurbishing the White House several times for different Presidents, and she made her name in the style stakes by travelling the world for textiles, but finding fascinating clothes and wearing them to society events back in the US.

Iris is from New York and still lives there now, and not a day goes by where she doesn’t dress up in style.

She’s a straight talking lady who still loves to work. She is an eccentric lady but she has lived her life in colour, and exactly the way she wants.

Iris is very well respected, and so many people look to her for advice and feedback on styles, and articles etc.

This is worth a watch for some great life inspiration. Iris is a woman to behold and take after!

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

The final Doc I recommend to you is about Bergdorf’s, the luxury department store in NYC. It is about about how the store began, how it has developed. It shows how designers are waiting to be snapped up by the in house fashion buying team to showcase their line in the store.

Each department you see in the film all have great stories to tell about celebrity shopping experiences.

It shows you how they get ready for the Christmas window display, which is amazing. So much work, beyond what you would think, goes in to making this one of the best Christmas spectacles in New York.

Linda Fargo (pictured above) who is the Fashion Director and Head of Store Presentation at Bergdorfs; a job envied by everyone in the fashion world, talks you through the store and what goes in to her daily career.

If you like looking at luxury, and hearing fashion stories of Hollywood legends, then this is the documentary for you.

I have to add a personal touch to this documentary, as me and my sister, at seperate times, have visited this store. I visited with my husband (who was then my boyfriend) at Christmas time, it was amazing.


My sister visited during the summer, and was lucky enough to be at the DVF Book launch, she met DVF and Linda Fargo at the event – WOW.


Let me know if you watch any of these and what you thought.

Jess xoxo



  1. July 21, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Love the post!!!!
    I just did a quick post about summer documentaries also, so many good ones. I did not get a chance to see Jeremy Scott or Scatter My Ashes. I’m gonna have to add those to my list.
    Thanks xoxo

  2. July 21, 2016 / 10:46 pm

    I’ll check yours out! Scatter My Ashes is great, you’ll enjoy! X

  3. July 27, 2016 / 12:31 am

    Love this post! Great recommendations 🙂

  4. July 27, 2016 / 12:35 pm

    Never heard of some of these. Can’t wait to watch these! Time to Netflix & chill! ❤️

  5. January 16, 2017 / 1:34 pm

    I would add “The True Cost” – it’s a great documentary

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