Strawberry Picking at Claremont.

Happy Monday Everyone.

I have to say that to myself every Monday otherwise I could get quite disheartened with the day. Monday for me is the only day of the week that I want a lie in.

It’s the only day where sometimes I think “should I take a days holiday”. But then I think, “no come on Jess, what have you got planned this week?” I like to have at least 1 or 2 plans to look forward to, but I love being busy so I do end up with 3 or 4 things to look forward to.

This week is the first full week of the school summer holidays, or could just contain some days off work for you. Many people could be heading off on Holiday, or looking for ideas of what to do in the day times, which leads me on to my blog idea.

Claremont Farm

On Friday of last week, I spent my lunchtime at Claremont Farm. Claremont is located in Bebington on the Wirral. I used to live in Bebington, born and raised (and proud) Wirraler. But I live over the water in Liverpool now, which pleases the scouse side of my family and my hubby.

As much as I adore Liverpool, I miss the Wirral sometimes, as it’s such a wonderful place.

Growing up right by the farm we have seen it develop over the years in to much more than a working farm, and it is now a hot spot for activities all year round. We love to visit the Farm Shop and Cafe as the coffee and cakes are delicious and you can always pick up a local grown delicacy from the shop.

Strawberry Picking

But our visit on Friday consisted of Berry Picking, YAY. It’s something that me and my sister have wanted to do together for a while.

The weather was so nice, however, I had nipped there on my lunch hour and was slightly too hot in what I had on, never-mind.

We dashed around the fields in an hour but could of easily stayed for way longer.

The great thing about Pick Your Own is that there is no entry fee. It’s great for all ages, and you pay for what you pick, which trust me is definitely cheaper than the supermarkets and also supports a local business.

Berry Galore 

We decided to pick Raspberries and Strawberries, but you could of gone for Gooseberries, Red and Black Currants and another one I can’t remember the name of (sorry).

My friends will tell you that it has taken me years to eat fruit, I hated it, but I have got so much better now and try to use it in my diet more. Mainly I use it in smoothies, but these berries I picked had a much more important job….. They had to make my cup cakes pretty.

I suppose that is what is great about Berry Picking, you can make all kinds, smoothies, chocolate covered strawbs, fruit for Pimms, crumbles, even Jam.

If you check out the website, which I have linked above, you’ll be able to see Pick Your Own opening times and much more going on there this summer.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo


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