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My Netflix essentials – comfy set up, candles on, and chocolate of your choice!

I love writing about Netflix because it is honestly one of my favourite things! Since getting it, I don’t actually watch that much live TV anymore, as when I get in I put Netflix on. We have it on our TV so that is a bonus. Now and then I will watch TV shows, as ITV & BBC kill it with dramas. Plus, since we got Sky we’ve found some great shows on Atlantic & Living, but Netflix is what it’s all about for me.

I have written 2 Netflix posts before, a fashion documentary post and another recommendations post, so this is why I’ve called this Series 3 (pun intended), I’m sure there will end up being plenty more posts to come. So here is a run down of what I am currently loving or have just finished on Netflix UK.

13 Reasons Why


The show everyone is talking about at the moment. It focuses on the life of a high school student, Hannah, who is silently suffering with depression and sadly ends her own life at the age of 17.

Although this show is fictional (originally a book), it highlights real issues that many girls and boys experience in high school. Hannah makes a series of tapes and each tape (13 in total) details why a certain character in the show impacted her decision to end her life.

What struck a cord with me most when watching this was how “high school banter” can easily turn in to bullying, and how someone who could look “ok” and “popular” to others can be feeling the complete opposite inside.

It highlights some pretty serious issues, not only in suicide, but bullying, self harm and rape. Some episodes aren’t easy to watch, but it’s certainly a show with a message, whether you warm to the characters or not.

Has anyone watched this yet? What did you think? It’s a show that could be a great topic of conversation.

Binge Level – 5/5

Tales By Light


This is a documentary series that follows different types of photographers all over the world in their quest to get the perfect picture. I love photography, and I love to watch someones mind work when they’re looking for the perfect set up for their pictures.

I’m making my way through this series slowly, as I tend to watch an episode of this after I’ve watched something really heavy, as it lifts my mood right up again. It’s a really inspiring and creative show.

The first 3 episodes I have watched have followed photographers who shoot Nature & life in the Ocean, Festivals around the world and extreme sports. It is so far very fascinating and does nothing to curb my love to travel all over the world.

Binge Level = 2/5 

The Killing


This is a fantastic series that has 4 seasons on Netflix. I’ve just finished season 2 and I’m only 2 episodes in to season 3, and I’m hooked all over again. The plot of seasons 1 and 2 spans around a young girl who has been brutally murdered and the detectives uncover so many dangerous connections to the murder that sees them put their own lives at risk.

This is the American version of this show, as I think the original was made in Denmark. It’s quite a dark and intense show, not only in the story line but also where it is filmed, it is always raining, (typical brit, not focussing on the really intense moment, instead I’m thinking “All it bloody does is rain!”)

I’d say if you like shows like Line of Duty, Fargo or Law and Order then this is for you.

Binge Level = 4/5 

Designated Survivor


Where do I start with raving about this show? Ideally I should of put this as the first show I spoke about as it’s easily my favourite thing I am watching on Netflix right now. So I started on this show 8 weeks after it was uploaded to Netflix so I had 8 wonderful episodes to binge watch, and believe me when I say I flew through them. The binging is now sadly under control as I’m all up to date with the episodes & a new one is uploaded each Thursday.

This show is right up my street, it’s about the US Government and a conspiracy theory set in place to destroy the government and all those who work for it, including the president.

The first 5 minutes of episode 1 gripped me more than anything I have seen since first watching Law Abiding Citizen. With each new episode, the conspiracy theory is getting wilder and the threats to the government and American citizens are growing.

There’s such a great cast in this show & I’m loving it so much as I really don’t know how it will end. All I’m hoping is that there is going to be a season 2!!

You’ll like this show if you liked Homeland, House of Cards & Scandal.

Binge Level = 5/5



This show was recommended to me and I love that as I’m always on the look out for different things to get in to. At first I didn’t think I would like it but it soon proved me wrong.

I’d describe this to you as light hearted murder mystery with a cool edge. It’s set in a small town in the states and centres around a group of high school students that have taken it upon themselves to investigate how a guy from their school was murdered.

I like this show as you can’t tell what era it is supposed to be set in, it’s cool, it’s edgy, it’s quirky, and gives off a real 80’s vibe but at the same time they refer to modern day trends.

Season 1 has just finished on Netflix, and I’m desperate for season 2 to start. There’s definitely a darker side to this show and some of its characters that is waiting to come out which gives the show the depth it needs.

Does anyone know when season 2 is starting? You’ll like this show if you liked Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.

Binge Level = 3/5

From TV to Netflix

The People vs OJ Simpson


I’ve included this because I originally watched it when it was aired on BBC and me and my hubby were completely hooked. If you didn’t get chance to watch it then fear not as it has been uploaded to Netflix, and I’m tempted to watch it all again. The cast in this were fantastic, and Sarah Paulson went on to win awards for her portrayal of Marcia Clark, the lawyer trying to convict OJ. This show had us gripped because we knew it was a true story, but we were both too young to remember the details of it, and when watching it we actually couldn’t believe what went on and how he walked free.

Did anyone else watch this? Please tell me you were as shocked with some of the things OJ’s lawyers managed to get thrown out of court. You’ll like this if you’ve seen Making a Murderer & How To Get Away With Murder.

Binge Level = 4/5

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post guys, let me know if you’ve seen any of these shows, or if you’re going to give them a go now.

Love, Jess



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