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I first met Micha, the founder of Polka Lab Cosmetics through work. Although our jobs are very different, we work for the same company. Micha reached out to me one day to chat about her passion project of Polka Lab. In full disclosure, it was to discuss me attending one of her workshops in exchange for a review.

However, after chatting for half an hour I was soon drawn to how inspired and motivated Micha was. Meeting someone who has a passion project and wants it to thrive is always so inspiring to me. Although her invitation to a workshop started out as a blog offer, it turned in to something I MUST be a part of.

Not only did Micha explain how we’d be creating bath products to take away with us, but also opened my eyes to what is slow living and self care.

They’re phrases I had heard of, but never understood.

Polka Lab Cosmetics. Polka Lab. Self Care. Liverpool Business. UK Blogger.

How Polka Lab cosmetics was born

Micha’s background is in Science and Research & Development. With a wealth of knowledge & a love of cosmetics her dream is to create a business that brings this together.

The idea behind Polka Lab is not only to produce high quality natural ingredient products, but to create a lifestyle around them. Bath and body products should be something we enjoy using. Not just buy and leave them in the cabinet because we have no time for them.

Polka Lab intertwines slow living and cosmetics.

Polka Lab Cosmetics. Polka Lab. Self Care. Liverpool Business. UK Blogger.

Polka Lab Workshops – Slow Living

Right now, in order to get the word out about Polka Lab, Micha is holding workshops. The first workshop she held in July was a brilliant success. The workshops are in 2 halves. The explaining of slow living and self care, and the creating of bath products.

I attended the workshop in the lovely venue of Luna Crosby. This was a Bath Products workshop, but ones including facial oils & techniques are coming.

The first hour of the workshop was all about getting to know Micha, the ethos of her business & introducing slow living and self care.

I was challenged to think of how I could change my daily habits and routines in order to feel more calm. My day starts with an alarm, telling me to dash to work. I get home from work and either blog, see friends, plan a date night, go to the gym, clean. Then when I get in bed, I’m scrolling aimlessly on my phone.

When I broke it all down I realised I was making excuses for myself not being able to take a bath, have a walk, and just incorporate 30 minutes in to each day purely for self care.

Slow living is about opening up your eyes to taking your days easier, and prioritising your health and well being. If all that is in tact then you’ll feel much calmer and brighter.

I can’t say I am well practised in this. But after a month of being more conscious of it, I’m trying to have that 30 minutes a day just for me. Whether it be of a morning, setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier to get up and enjoy my coffee on the couch. Or before bed, I’ll have a bath, or have a scroll on my phone before I get in to bed.

Polka Lab Cosmetics. Polka Lab. Self Care. Liverpool Business. UK Blogger.

Polka Lab Workshops – Creating the products

This is the part you get hands on. In our workshop we got to make bathbombs and a full sized jar of bath salts.

Micha talks you through all the essential oils and carrier oils she has for us to use. Each oil has a benefit to it. Some of the ones I was drawn to helped with calming, rejuvenating, uplifting, and muscle relaxants.

I don’t know why I had in mind that creating bath bombs was a hard and messy job. It wasn’t at all. It was quick, easy and fun. All the ingredients and moulds were provided. We were shown how to create our mixture, and press it together in the moulds. Voila, perfectly round bath bombs.

I made 2 that were for rejuvenation. I wanted that uplifting feeling from them as I always think of bath bombs as fun products.

For my bath salts I wanted a relaxing vibe to them. I mixed Himilayan Pink Salt with Epsom Salt, plus some essential oils & dried flowers.

These salts are great for muscle relaxation, and also the essential oils make the bathroom smell amazing.

Polka Lab Cosmetics. Polka Lab. Self Care. Liverpool Business. UK Blogger.

More From Polka Lab

My husband & me have been loving using the bath salts. I knew he would steal them from me. Because we’ve had those great products there, we’ve made the time to treat ourselves more.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Micha & Polka Lab Cosmetics. I’m sure in 2019 there will be plenty more workshops to book on to. And i highly recommend you do. The workshops have you feeling uplifted & enlightened. As well as being able to carry that feeling on at home through the products you’ve made.

Polka Lab Cosmetics. Polka Lab. Self Care. Liverpool Business. UK Blogger.

Check out Polka Lab on Facebook, and Like the page to keep up to date with what’s happening behind the scenes & plans for the future.

Do you practice slow living? Do you incorporate Me Time & Self Care in to your weekly routine?



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I was invited to the workshop for a review. But all views are honest and my own.



  1. 18 November 2018 / 7:31 PM

    This looked like so much fun but also really relaxing

    • jessiloublog
      19 November 2018 / 12:13 PM

      It was! Really fun but super relaxing, and quite therapeutic too!

    • jessiloublog
      6 December 2018 / 12:49 PM

      It was both. So good. X

  2. 20 November 2018 / 9:02 PM

    I love the Slow Living concept – we could all do with a bit more self care! Those bath salts look great – wish I could use cute bath stuff like that!

    Francesca x | glutenfreehorizons.com

    • jessiloublog
      6 December 2018 / 12:49 PM

      Keep an eye out for her next workshop. They’re really good, informative & motivating. X

  3. 26 November 2018 / 8:02 PM

    AH I got so much out of Micha’s workshop! I think we all need to attend something like this regularly, it just forces us to slow down, have a think and have a moment away from phones and hustle and bustle! It was so relaxing to just chill out, chat about the changes we can make and it really gave me some food for thought! I can’t wait to see what future workshops bring!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • jessiloublog
      6 December 2018 / 12:48 PM

      Me too. It really made me evaluate my time more. Felt very relaxed & happy after it. X

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