Styling Up Leopard Print for Autumn/Winter

The print that has been on everyone’s radar this season is leopard print. For me it’s a classic, and constant wardrobe staple of mine. But this year more than ever I have seen designers & the high street go nuts for it.

You’ll be hard pushed to scroll through Instagram and not see at least 1 or 2 pictures including it. To many people it can be quite a scary print. Especially if you’re only used to wearing neutral/dark coloured clothes. Some would say it’s too garish, and it can be if the print is the wrong colour.

When investing in leopard print it’s good to choose wisely, as it is a print that will keep popping up. So you want pieces that you can bring out time and time again.

I want to show you how I style up my leopard print pieces that are in my wardrobe. This is only a snapshot of my leopard items, like I said, I’ve been growing my collection for years. These pieces however I constantly reach for, as they never date. So here are the pieces I think are worth investing in to add that leopard to your wardrobe.

The Scarf

I love a fashion scarf for autumn/winter. I actually have 2 leopard print ones. One from Primark and one from Zara. My Zara one is like a shawl, huge!

A scarf can jazz up any outfit. A leopard print scarf always looks really striking against grey, beige, and black clothes. An all black outfit instantly looks so much more than it is with a bit of leopard.

A bag

I’m a handbag lover (and hoarder)! I think a bag can take an outfit from drab to fab! I’m forever noticing peoples shoes & handbags when I am out, and I have been known to stop people in the street & ask them where their bags are from.

A leopard print bag is an instant wardrobe staple. I have all kinds from clutches, cross bodies, and larger handbags. Bags with either full print or only partly printed are great on trend pieces. But like I said, they will also last you for years. I’m also a believer that a leopard print bag goes with anything.

Leopard Print Style. Styling Leopard Print. Leopard Print. UK Blogger. Style Post. Leopard Print Style. Styling Leopard Print. Leopard Print. UK Blogger. Style Post.


Again, shoes are a great way to add that bit of print to your wardrobe. I’m not saying go all out and get some leopard print trainers (like I did), or full printed boots like these. Maybe start with a ballet pump that has detailing on it. Or a trainer with a leopard print band/toe cap on it.

However, if you are wanting to jump all in, then a full printed boot looks amazing I think. They’re eye catching and the quickest way to dress up any outfit. They’ll take your simple Autumn/Winter outfit to the next level.

Leopard Print Style. Styling Leopard Print. Leopard Print. UK Blogger. Style Post.


Up until now I’ve said the easiest way to get leopard in your wardrobe is to buy accessories. And that’s true. They’re small statement pieces that will ease you in to wearing the print. But if you’re looking for more then clothes it is.

Leopard looks great on shirts, skirts, t’shirts, dresses and coats. I have a leopard print faux fur coat that I’ve had for years & still completely adore. That’s because I’m comfortable with going full on Pat Butcher (google for reference!) If you’re not, and wanting more subtle items, look for pieces like this from Boden.

It adds a flash of leopard print in to your outfit, but in a subtle, classy way. I love the detailing of the printed front pocket against the breton stripe.

Leopard Print Style. Styling Leopard Print. Leopard Print. UK Blogger. Style Post.

They’re my top pieces & tips for adding the print of the season to your wardrobe. Most of the items I’m wearing in this post are old, but there are so many similar pieces on the high street now. This shows me that this print isn’t going anywhere and will have you looking good year after year.

What leopard print piece have you invested in this season? Are you tempted to get any more?




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