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Welcome to the first blog of May!

I’m a sucker for those cute “Hello” pics. 

When I sit down to write my blogs, I always think of how much I enjoy it and miss it when I can’t write for a couple of weeks.

April, for me, was such a busy month. I had 2 Hen Parties that were both short trips away. One was down in Cornwall and then the other in Madrid.

In between these, I had my normal day job. As well as many tired nights recovering from the fun we had on the Hen trips. Plus, a concert – “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”, it was an incredible night. My life was made when he did an amazing acoustic version of Champagne Supernova, this song reminds me of so many special memories!

But I wanted to start May off with a new review blog, and share with you my current reading list.

I love to read, and it is always something I try and make time for. I love reading fact and fiction books, and magazines! With all the travelling I did in April I was able to get through some good books.

When I’m away from my own bed, it takes me ages to settle and get to sleep, so this is a great time to read and relax, plus with plane journeys and sitting round in airports, you can really get stuck in to a good page turner.

Luckiest Girl Alive


Something just drew me to this book, it didn’t come to me as a recommendation like some books can.

It is based around a successful magazine writer, living the high life in New York. This is 28 year old TifAni. The book centres around flashbacks to her teenage years at a private High School and how a number of incidents there have shaped her life.

We find out about certain things that happen to her quite early on in the book. But it is how she deals with them that makes you keep turning the page. Plus, TifAni as her 28 year old self is taking part in a documentary that is retelling the story of Bradley High School and the life changing event that happened there.

When you find out what happened at Bradley, you honestly gasp out loud. It is so chilling, so real, and excellently told. You end up racing through the rest of the book to find out as quickly as possible how TifAni’s life turned out.

Magazines aren’t just for the hairdressers.



I love magazines, I tend to buy a couple a month but my favourite magazine is Glamour Mag. I love the mix of articles they have in there. The Hey It’s Ok page is always hilarious. They have the best cover stars, and the fashion and beauty pages are so good as they range from affordable to desirable items.

Aside from that I completely love that the editor Jo Elvin replies to me on twitter. The beauty editor Alex Steinherr has great beauty advice and answers your questions on Instagram.

Insta = glamouruk

Insta = @alexsteinherr . Twitter = @AlexSteinherr

Insta = @joelvinglamour . Twitter = @jo_elvin

This months issue is the Social Issue, and all about how our current lives are impacted by the expansion of technology and the rise of social media. So no wonder Kylie Jenner is the cover star.

Everything is so accessible nowadays that I have to try to exercise my brain daily. I genuinely worry that I Google too often. The world is huge, but technology can make it very small.

The other mag to enjoy this month is Vogue. The fashion bible. It has HRH Duchess of Cambridge on the cover. She’s otherwise known as Kate in our household as I like to imagine she’d be a wonderful future bestie, she’s all round fab!

This special and “keep forever” issue of Vogue is to mark its 100th birthday in publication.

In March, I was lucky enough to visit the Vogue 100 exhibition, you can read about this in my London Blog. I can’t wait to sit and read more information about ground breaking years and issues by Vogue.

Plus, if I’m not mistaken, I think this is Kate’s first magazine shoot and interview, so naturally I will turn to those pages first to see how the day went with her.

Reality is Life. 

Speaking of the issues of Social Media from Glamour Mag, and bringing other people’s real lives in to our own lives, I must mention Stephanie Pratt’s autobiography.

Stephanie Pratt found her fame on The Hills (best reality show ever). She had a rocky start making enemies with LC, but soon mellowed and showed her true kind and friendly self. Towards the end of The Hills I really liked Steph, so I was made up to see her become a part of Made In Chelsea. She hasn’t disappointed her fans while on the show.

I got her book as I just wanted inside goss on The Hills and MIC, it did provide that but along with so much more. Her teenage and early 20’s years were far from relaxed Southern California days.

She became involved in drugs at an early age, and had several stays in different rehab centres. Her detailed account of her darkest days, and how she recovered made it a really interesting read. It can go to show, that the glossy glamorous life we see on TV, can deep down lead to so much more.


The more fabulous books I get through I will post about them too, and I hope I can recommend one to you that can become a favourite. Please tell me about some too, I’m always looking for new books and authors to try out.

Until next time,





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