Welcome to Film Friday – My Top 5 Favourite Films

Welcome to Film Friday

Welcome to the first Film Friday post. I can’t wait to get going with these and hopefully bring new readers to the blog. When I started up my blog I first considered it as a film blog, but as things progressed it expanded in to beauty and lifestyle. I love that, but I still want to incorporate my love of film.

My Film Friday posts will be anything to do with film, tv and Netflix. Basically talking about anything filmed with a camera. I’ll talk about my favourite films starring certain actors, what I’m loving on Netflix, best moments in movies, movie genres, and films to catch on the cinema.

If you have any ideas on what you’d like me to feature then do let me know. Drop me a comment below, or tweet me.

You can always catch up on some old film blogs of mine to see what you think. My Netflix posts have been pretty popular, as have movie reviews.

My Top 5 Favourite Films

For now though, let’s begin with the topic of this week’s post. It was voted for on twitter that I write about my Top 5 Favourite Films. I kind of shot myself in the foot with this one, as it’s the age old saying of “don’t make me choose”. But hey, I’ve given it a go.

1 – The Goonies

The Goonie

The Goonies – via Bald Movie (Google image search)

This is the one I am certain on. It’s my all time number 1. I remember watching this from a very young age & having it on almost every weekend. The adventure in this movie was the most exciting thing ever as a kid. The fact it involved a young group of kids finding a treasure map, going searching for it, and ending up on an epic journey in a lost world right under their town, had me hooked.

This is such a classic film and as I’ve got older I love it just as much. I’ve discovered new things I love about it, like the girls in it are totally kick ass, the 80’s clothes are awesome, and I never realised how cute Mikey’s older brother was (and now I know it’s Josh Brolin, and boy is he hot now too – watch him in Gangster Squad).

2 – Roman Holiday

I had to include a movie starring my idol, Audrey Hepburn. I was torn between this and My Fair Lady. Both are filled with humour but Roman Holiday was Audrey’s first big film role, it cemented her as a Hollywood star & she won her first Oscar for Best Actress for this role.

The plot is Gregory Peck plays an American reporter based in Rome, he misses his chance to interview HRH Princess Ann (Hepburn) who is on a tour of Europe. However, on the night of the failed interview he rescues a “drunken” young lady from off the street near his apartment, and offers her his couch as a place to sleep. In the morning he instantly recognises who the lady is, however she’s already decided to lie about her true identity. As fate would have it, they become friends in a very short time and go on a massively fun day out around Rome. She never reveals who she is, he never lets on that he knows. Will he or won’t he release the story of their wild day out around the Roman City?

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday – via TimeOut.com (google image search)

3 – Hook

The all star cast in this movie makes it an incredible watch for people of all ages. Hook, is the live action remake of Peter Pan, but years on from when Peter actually lived in Neverland. All the characters are now grown, apart from the lost boys, obviously, and Captain Hook is still seeking revenge on Peter. He finally tracks him down in the real world of London, kidnaps his children, and therefore forces Peter to re-enter the world of his childhood that he’d long forgot.

You’ve got Dustin Hoffman as Hook, Robin Williams as Peter, Bob Hoskins as Smee and Maggie Smith as Wendy, if one of them doesn’t entice you in to watch this film then I don’t know what will.

This film is so magical to me. I love Wendy Darlings London townhouse, I love seeing the characters as young and old. It makes me laugh and makes me cry, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. This is one of the movies I know line by line.

One of my acting hero’s Robin Williams in this is truly brilliant, you believe him in every scene, in my mind he really is Peter Pan.


Hook – via Yahoo Movies (google image search)

4 – Notting Hill

I adore this film (and Hugh Grant). It’s a classic Richard Curtis movie. Richard Curtis is the guy behind Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones, Love Actually and many more brilliantly written screenplays. This is a British film through and through. Some of my favourite movie moments are in this film, like when Julia Roberts’s character comes to the dinner party and Hugh Bonneville as Bernie doesn’t recognise who she is. And when William (Grant) and Anna (Roberts) sneak in to the private gardens in Notting Hill. Rhys Ifans is also hilarious in this film, perfect to watch on screen, but would be the worse house mate of all time in reality.

If you’ve not seen this film then I’ll explain it a little. William Thacker is a travel book shop owner who works and lives in Notting Hill, and one day literally bumps in to a world famous movie star Anna Scott. He spills his coffee on her, he lets her change in his house, they part for what he thinks will be forever, but really it’s just a few days, and so begins a romantic connection between 2 people who are worlds apart.

You may not of seen the movie, but I guarantee you know this line – “Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

Notting Hill

Notting Hill – via My Crazy Pop Culture Brain Pinterest (google image search)

5 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This movie represents all the Potter’s in my top 5 selection. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, books and movies, and own far too much memorabilia. But, I grew up with these books, and at the time the movies came out I was the same age as the actors. I was the perfect catchment ago to become a huge fan of the Wizarding World.

I watch a Harry Potter film at least once a month, I just love them. Azkaban has to be my favourite though. It was the first sign of the story becoming a little darker and more grown up. We meet Sirius Black for the first time, Harry’s Godfather that has escaped from prison. He’s played by Gary Oldman who is fantastic, I think this plays a big part in this movie being my favourite.

The Harry Potter films are just so magical, and no matter how many times I watch them I am still gripped and still blown away by the imagination of JK Rowling. Especially in this particular movie with the time turning sequences and playing out what we have already seen but from a different perspective.

Prisoner of Azkaban

Prisoner of Azkaban via Sony Centre (google image search)

Coming Up Next Time

So what do you think of my top 5? Have you seen any of them? Do any appear in your top 5? I’d love to know what your top 5 films are, please comment below and let me know! It is so hard to choose as there are so many great ones but as the weeks go on I think I will share more favourites through different themed blogs. I’m thinking Disney blogs, Chick Flick blogs, action blogs. I can’t wait.

It is Friday, so if you’re chilling tonight then be sure to grab the popcorn and put a movie on.

Happy Film Friday guys,

Jessi xoxo


*featured image taken by eatingrichly.com (via google image search)



  1. Suz
    8 September 2017 / 6:33 PM

    Excellent top five. Hook above and beyond (I’m a massive Spielberg fan) and of course Goonies. I always find this has to have been one of your childhood films to still love it now as people who watch it now for the first time don’t seem to latch onto the child adventure thrill we had when we watched it as kids. Got to admit I have only ever seen a couple of Hepburn films and Roman holiday isn’t one of them. Didn’t really know what it was about but sounds like such a cute story so will definitely put it on my list to watch. Harry Potter is a no brainer xx

    • jessiloublog
      9 September 2017 / 6:37 PM

      Highly recommend Roman Holiday, it is a cute film but the humour in it is great! You’ll have to let me know what you think of it! X

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