Turning 30 and Feeling Good

30, Flirty and Thriving

Hi, I’m Jessi, and I am officially 30 now! I have left my 20’s behind and I am embarking on a whole new chapter of my life in a brand new decade.

So, how am I feeling about that?

I remember buying a friend of mine a copy of 13 Going On 30 for her 30th birthday. She had never seen the film before & what she said about it always stuck with me.

She said that she hadn’t looked forward to turning 30 but that film reminded her that at 30 you can be more self assured of yourself and way more fun that you are at 13 – or any other age.

That’s what I am most looking forward to.

30 for me is going to be the age of no Bull S*** anymore! I am now officially over drama, grudges, pettiness, the lot! I’m at a stage where I am fully comfortable and confident within myself.

New Age, New Mindset

For anyone reading this who is totally shocked that I am turning 30, don’t worry, I get this expression & reaction a lot. I have been told I look every age between 18 – 25. Never over 25. But again, I officially don’t care now, but it actually did used to really bother me.

I put off wearing certain clothes and accessories for years because I was self conscious of looking too young, now I couldn’t give a hoot.

Pass me all the headbands, hair clips, Disney T’s (which I never stopped wearing), dungarees galore.

Certain people are great to talk to about turning 30. They have such positive stories to tell. Others however just look at you with the expression of “so where are the kids? Have you bought your house yet? Is this the career you’re settled in now?”

Pre 30 year old Jessi would have laughed awkwardly, made an excuse like comment, and walked away. Newly 30 year old me will just question why all of those things have an age limit.

I’m only 30, I still have time

Remember when you where a kid and you’d say by 25 I want to be married, have kids, a dog and have my dream career? I think for a few of us this might have come true, a very small few that is.

But the truth is as you get older you realise life is more complicated and throws new twists and turns at you all the time. So as long as you’re healthy and happy at any age, it doesn’t matter about the added extras.

Turning 30 now I realise that. My health and my happiness is the most important thing to me, and as long as I have them when I am turning another year older then I am A-OK.

Party, not pressure

I had put quite a lot of pressure on myself in the build up to turning 30. I started to write a “30 Things To Do Before I’m 30” list, I got about 5 things in and couldn’t think of anymore.

I’m very lucky to have done a lot of cool things already, plus I eventually just couldn’t be bothered.

I started to think that the day itself, of my birthday, had to be some big extravagant thing. I wanted to be somewhere different, doing something awesome. In the end I’m choosing to celebrate at home & in my home city.

Again, I found myself thinking “I can’t be bothered”. I want to have a nice time, a little party, and no pressure.

I’m only turning 30 & there is still plenty of time for elaborate celebrations & ideas.

I think this will be my outlook for my 30s, just have fun without any pressure. I have gone through 2 decades of pressure already. From school, to university, to finding a career, to moving out and dealing with rent, bills, savings (what are they?), all kinds.

My 30’s is going to be a time of what will be will be. And I can’t bloody wait.

What do you think? 30, flirty, and thriving?

Jessi xoxo

Photography By – Emma, owlsandstags

Accessories (hair bands and necklace) by – Glow Boutique.


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