A very British night for the BRIT’s.


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So, last night, Wednesday 24th February; was the Brit Awards. The Brit’s are one of the UK’s biggest award ceremony’s and each year it brings a hint of excitement and anticipation. The Brit’s have a bit of a reputation for supplying us viewers with either controversial or shocking moments. But this year was quintessentially British, everyone had a good time, it all went without a hiccup and no one turned up just to be a bit of a douche bag.

I won’t go down the route of “are the awards credible” “it’s a pop fest now” “no-one is rock and roll anymore”, as I actually enjoy watching the show in anticipation of anything it may hold.

It was Ant and Dec’s last year of hosting the show, and they really did “up their game”! The lads were great hosts and really held the show together. The first performers of the night were Coldplay, a band that I can take or leave.

I like some of their songs but I always think they sound awful live! Is that just me? Chris Martin is a great guy, and I’m sure the other members are too, even though no one knows who they are. I did think it was funny when Chris introduced the whole band on stage using the names of the 1D lads, so still, we don’t know the other members!


Chris Martin having a ball.

Other performers throughout the night were amazing, the ones that stood out for me were Jess Glynne, her voice is just incredible. This past year she has released hit after hit, if you haven’t listened to her album; I Cry When I Laugh, I really recommend it.

James Bay is brilliant, it helps that he is also beautiful looking (girl note, sorry). His duet with Justin Bieber was so good, I loved that acoustic version of Love Yourself. Little Mix were amazing too, those girls looked so hot and boy, can they move, they really showed everyone how fab they are.

But, Oh My Life, the night for me was all about Rihanna and Lorde!!! I know, not Adele,  I will come on to her shortly don’t worry. But these two girls are just incredible! I have loved Rihanna since day one, when I first heard ‘Pon de Replay’ I remember thinking “oh please release more amazing music!”. Since then she has done no wrong.

Every album she releases she reinvents herself, and her latest ones have been amazing, I love the Caribbean influence in them! I’ve been impatiently waiting for “Anti”. I haven’t got tickets to see her, many sobs, but I have seen her live before and she’s incredible, so for those going, you’re in for a treat!

I love Rihanna because of her confidence, she just oozes confidence and sex appeal and that is so refreshing to see from a young woman. That duet with Drake was so hot, the chemistry between the two of them is electric.


Where to now start on Lorde? Again, she’s amazing. Her album “Pure Heroine” is one of my favourites ever! It’s so original, insightful, and genius, you can see why David Bowie thought she was going to be the next big thing in music.

Again, I am impatiently waiting for her next album, I will just play it to death when I get it. I didn’t know she was involved in the tribute to Bowie, so when Gary Oldman (LOVE) introduced her I actually jumped up off the couch. My mum even text me saying “Jess all your faves are on tonight”. She did so well with Life On Mars, it was a performance I know Bowie would of been proud of, she smashed it.

So come on Lorde, please grace us all with your genius soon please!!

The Bowie tribute itself was a special part of the show. His family were apparently heavily involved with how they wanted it to be, as by all accounts they weren’t consulted about the Grammy’s tribute!!

Gary Oldman, a close friend of DB, gave the most beautiful and emotional speech, that man is a legend himself, he’s one of my favourite actors, he has such a presence about him, the whole room was hanging on his every word.

Now to the queen of the night, Adele. I always say the only person who can cheer you up after listening to her music, is the woman herself. Adele is hilarious. She has the voice of an angel and the mouth of a London cabbie.

She scooped four awards, and we saw how emotional she was with the amazing reception to “25”. The emotions came when she was presented with the Global Success Award by Tim Peake from the International Space Station – WOW. That was a pretty epic and emotional experience so no wonder she blubbed her heart out on stage.

Adele also took the opportunity to publicly support Kesha, giving more light to the issue and battle she is fighting.

In fitting fashion Adele closed the show with an angelic rendition of ‘When We Were Young’, it was the perfect end to the night. The whole evening seemed very “dignified”, for want of another word, I just mean everyone looked relaxed, pleased to be there and having a good time. This was refreshing to see as like I said before, sometimes all anyone ever looks for in the Brits are the Liam Gallaghers of this world and this year there just wasn’t any room for them.

The Brits 2016, did us Brits proud.

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Critics Choice Award – Jack Garratt

Best British Single – Adele – Hello

British Breakthrough Act – Catfish and the Bottlemen

International Female Solo Artist – Bjork

British Group – Coldplay

British Female Solo Artist – Adele

International Male Solo Artist – Justin Bieber

British Male Solo Artist – James Bay

Album of the Year – Adele – 25

British Video – One Direction – Drag Me Down

International Group – Tame Impala

Global Success Award – Adele

Best Producer – Charlie Andrew

Icon Award – David Bowie




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