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I have been gathering ideas of what to blog about next, and summing up what I think will be popular with readers. I have plenty of ideas about make up, film, places to visit and fashion, but I thought I would also try and write about things that are a little more personal.

This may not interest a lot of people but I promise, if you go along with me I will try and make you laugh with some of the ridiculous situations I get myself in to, or enlighten you to new things.

My first trip to Scotland

So on that note, I want to share with you some of my favourite moments of my little holiday to Scotland. I had never been to Scotland before. Which is kind of surprising as I have been with my husband for 10 years this year (not married that whole time), and his Dad is Scottish.

They have all told me for years how beautiful parts of Scotland are and how the Scots are great. So we finally booked our trip!

When I know I’m going away I like to plan it all. I planned out where we were staying and how to get there. But for this particular trip, I didn’t look in to what to do whilst we were there because we wanted the week to be very chilled.

Plus it is all very weather dependent in Scotland in February; as we found out!

Gretna Green

On the day we traveled up to Scotland I really wanted to stop at Gretna Green. For those of you who haven’t heard of Gretna Green, it is a place famous for “runaway marriages”. Going way back to the 1700’s when laws on marriage in England and Wales were changing, people who wanted to be married as young as 14 began to run away to Scotland.

One of the first towns to come across was Gretna, the laws were different here, so they could be legally married! Have a Wiki read about it, it’s really interesting, and if you’re like me you will start to romanticise it all, and that’s why I wanted to visit!


We stayed for 2 nights in Glasgow City Centre. Our hotel was in the West End of Glasgow, which I was told was a very nice area of the City, and it was.

It was a handy hotel for a short stay. We spent our two days there just roaming around. We wandered the main shopping high street, and ate in the Hard Rock Cafe. If we see a Hard Rock when we go on holiday we try to eat there, we like the food, the music and seeing what memorabilia they have!

We found a gorgeous little Tea Rooms; Willow Tearooms. We had no idea it was a famous tea rooms, I just wanted to go in to escape the rain and it looked so cute, it turns out that it was designed by the famous artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, in 1903.

Another reason for staying in Glasgow was that our friends band were on tour and playing a venue in Glasgow. They’re called The Hummingbirds and they’re great! They have an album coming out at the end of this month, and are doing two launch nights for it in Liverpool, if you’re local you should definitely try and come along! If not, still check them out on YouTube and Spotify!!

Loch Lomond


We spent the rest of our week in Loch Lomond. I found the lodge we stayed at after hours of searching on the internet. I’m so glad I spent the time searching as we stayed in the most perfect home away from home!

It was a self catering place and was fully equipped with all sorts you would need to feel right at home. I have to say, the fact it had full Sky package with sports and movies was a major bonus, we don’t have this at home so it felt like a real luxury.

One of the days we were there it rained the whole day, so the Harry Potter movie channel came in really handy. I’m obsessed with these movies so it was perfection to sit warm and cosy and watch some of them back to back.

Our surroundings on Loch Lomond were breathtaking, I’d never seen anything like it! It was so quiet and peaceful. We spent lots of time walking along the Loch and taking in the views. We stopped off for lots of hot chocolates to try and keep warm.

Hiking round the Loch

We had a few days of really great weather, so on one of them we decided to do a bit more of an adventurous walk, sounded like a good idea to find a good climb but in reality it turned out to be horrific.

So we found a trail that started off great, it was a set path through the trees that was climbing, it had a beautiful natural stream running down it. We thought it would get us a brilliant view from the top.

Soon though, the path underfoot turned in to a bit of a bog, and we had to run through it to get to hard ground again. Still though, there was a small bridge ahead that had a sign on it saying “walkers welcome”, I wasn’t so sure though as there was no sign of any path, so “walkers welcome” to walk where?

Ste found some green tape, that we concluded only someone like Bear Grylls would of put it in this forest to “mark out” a trail. We decided to follow it up, we climbed up and up and up for an hour! I was petrified.

I hate heights and parts of the climb were so steep. We were filthy, we were climbing and scrambling on our hands and knees, using branches of trees to pull ourselves up. The higher we got, the more scared I was getting, you couldn’t see ahead of you and you couldn’t tell how far you’d climbed behind you, it was just tall trees everywhere!

I had so many bad scenario’s going through my head, I have watched far too many horror films. Ste was so supportive and encouraging the whole way. We reached as far as we could go, the green tape ended, and we had climbed as far as we could go. There was NO view!! It looked like in a previous storm the weather had torn down lots of trees so they completely blocked the “route”. So now we were bloody stranded, shattered and filthy at the top of this forest. I couldn’t move!!

The way down was horrendous, it had started to rain so everything was getting damp and very slippy, some parts were so steep and I was scared of sliding down and whacking in to a tree!

I had never been more relieved when I finally saw the little bridge, that led to the bog, but that led to the gravel path!! I was more than happy to walk just along the Loch side after that!! I’m all for facing your fears, but that was terrifying for me, but that’s why they’re called Fears, hey!

Back to Glasgow to cheer on The Hoops.

I ached for days after that “hike”.

On our last full day we were proper tourists in Scotland and went to a Celtic game. Great stadium and atmosphere and The Hoops won. Result.

The whole week was just what we needed, it had relaxation and new experiences.

It was lovely having time to cook, watch movies, take in beautiful scenery and consume lots of lovely hot drinks (and Prosecco).

I can’t wait to go back to Scotland, hopefully we’ll get to return to the lovely lodge.

If anyone has explored more places in Scotland then please let me know your recommendations.


Until next time,





    • March 6, 2016 / 9:48 pm

      I really loved it too! I can’t wait to go back, hopefully in the summer months and get some great views! x

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