Christmas TV Specials for this year – Blogmas Day 15

One of my favourite parts to Christmas Day is settling down on the couch, with a prosecco in hand, loads of cheese and crackers in front of me, and a list of all the Christmas specials that we need to watch.

Over the years I have memories of crying to Downton Abbey and laughing hysterically to the Royle Family and Only Fools. I don’t watch as many nowadays, as those good old shows have finished. However, there are still a few that catch my eye.

So from the start of my day to the end, these are the things that will be on in the background of all the festivities!

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9.25am ITV – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This is one of the films that I mentioned in my Christmas Comedies post. It’s one of my all time favourites. I couldn’t think of a better film for me to have on whilst we swap gifts, and enjoy bacon butties!

3pm BBC – The Queen’s Broadcast

This is a tradition in my parents house that we all just pause for 10 minutes and listen to Her Majesty’s message. Plus, it marks the time we sit down to eat our dinner. We always have it after the speech, so I like this broadcast for 2 reasons. 1, I like the Queen anyway. 2, it subliminally shouts at us, GRUBS UP!

3.10pm ITV – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Straight after the speech has ended, it’s time to switch channels and put on my favourite Harry Potter film. Thank you ITV. This is the perfect film for our family to have playing in the background, whilst we’re eating. I love the way ITV play the Harry Potter films over Christmas. No matter how many time I watch them, I am still never bored of them.

6.30pm BBC – Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

By this time we’ll all probably be dozing off in the living room, so this can play in the background. I love Strictly and do like to watch the Christmas special, as it is full of sparkle. This year Kimberley Walsh is dancing, and I loved her on the show. Plus we’ve got Jeremy Vine and Judy Murray having another shot at it, which I’m sure will bring some giggles.

7.40pm Channel 4 – Bake Off Christmas Special 

I will definitely be watching this episode, as some of my all time favourite bakers are on it. Paul Jagger, lion bread. Selasi, all round dream boat. And little Val, the sweetheart. I can’t wait to see what creations they make. By then, it’ll probably set off my second wave of munchies, so out will come the cheese and biscuits.

9pm BBC2 – Tom Jones’s and Beverly Knight’s Gospel Christmas

I’m not sure what this one will be like, but it really caught my eye among the TV listings. I love listening to gospel music, and who doesn’t love Sir Tom. Plus Beverly Knight’s voice is beautiful. The 2 of them singing together will be a dream. In fact, it might be so relaxing, that we all nod off again.

10pm Channel 4 – Alan Carr Chatty Man

I’ll be rounding off my evening watching this, as will all of us because there’s someone on it for each of us. This years line up is fab. There’s Noel Gallagher, Adam Lambert, Christian Slater, John Bishop, Kasabian, Dua Lipa, Rob Beckett, Lorraine Kelly and Giles & Mary from Gogglebox. What A Line Up! Especially excited for Adam Lambert, Noel and John Bishop!

Christmas Time. Christmas TV Specials. Chester Grosvenor Christmas Tree. Film Friday. Lifestyle Blogger.

This will round off what will hopefully be a perfect day, full of family, fun and food. So, as you can see, there aren’t any TV series in my picks, like there used to be. But still plenty of lighthearted shows.

For me, throughout the year, I don’t watch much TV (thanks to Netflix) so it’s an indulgence for me to enjoy.

Have you picked out what you’ll be watching? Or are you a TV free day? Let me know what you’ll have on.

Jessi xoxo



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