Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review

The Limited Edition Lipstick To See Me Through Summer

Dior Lip Tattoo. Dior Cool Waves. Dior Beauty. Liverpool Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

Here’s the scene, it’s a Saturday and I’m in town with my Mum. She’s headed to Debenhams to pick up a Dior product she’s wanted for a while.

I’m mooching around the products, swatching things. Spritzing different perfumes. Then I spot it, the new Cool Waves summer launch.

The colours of the products are so striking that they instantly draw me in.

The Cool Waves collection is made up of 2 new eye shadow palettes, a bronzer, new eyeshadow sticks, and new lip tattoo lipsticks.

The lip tattoos are the products that caught my eye. I am a sucker for a lipstick.

Dior Lip Tattoo. Dior Cool Waves. Dior Beauty. Liverpool Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

Lip Tattoo

The lip tattoos need to be tried to be believed, but I’ll do my best at convincing you here. When you swatch the colours, you’ll soon see why they’re called a tattoo.

Dior say about the new product –

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, the first long wear lip tint by Dior, is about to shake up your makeup routine. With its 10-hour hold*, comfortable formula and weightless “no transfer” finish, the colour fuses to the lips like a tattoo just seconds after application.”

I sampled the products on my hand, and they were there after lots of scrubbing till the following morning. The colours are lightly pigmented which means once one application has dried, you can build on top of it.

I have never used a product like this before. Lip tints have caught my eye on the market before, but I’ve never heard great things about them. I have tried and tested this one and can confirm it works.

Colour Options

I went for the Litchi shade. It is a coral pink shade. There are 4 different shades in the collection, Litchi, Watermelon, Cranberry, & Orange. An added bonus to the products is that they have a scent to them. Each one is added with the smell of its namesake.

These really are the perfect summer product. When you apply them they will go on like a gloss, however they quickly set matte. Use them throughout the day to build up the colour.

I can’t wait to go on holiday and use these. Once the colour has set, I’ll apply some SPF lip lotion, and it’ll create a lovely coral look.

The Cool Waves collection is one of my favourites that Dior has released in a while.

The blue eye shadow palette is stunning, and I usually run away from blue. But the colours are so fresh, and remind me of holiday skies, and the sea.

The healthy glow bronzing powder is the perfect summer product too. It is a brilliant build-able bronzer, with the loveliest shimmer in it.

Dior Lip Tattoo. Dior Cool Waves. Dior Beauty. Liverpool Blogger. Beauty Blogger.

Have you ever tried a lip tint/tattoo? Do you like the idea of them? At £26, they’re on the lower end of the price range from Dior’s beauty products. And Dior lip products are well worth investing in.

Once again Dior have brought out a product that keeps me coming back to them, and keeps them at the top of my beauty brand favourites.

Will you be heading to your nearest Dior counter to try these out? Let me know as always.

Jessi xoxo


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