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It’s no surprise that I am a big film lover, so when awards season comes around I like to try and see as many of the nominated films as I can. It’s become a bit of a tradition between me and my mum now that in the weeks before and after the awards we make our way through the list of films that have been nominated for different awards; mainly best picture.

Usually we use my 2 for 1 offer each time we go to the cinema, otherwise it’s a heck of a lot of money nowadays to see a movie; yes, I still fume at this. I’m too impatient to wait for the DVD though and sometimes you get that rush of emotion a lot more when you watch it on the big screen.

This year Odeon have done something pretty cool in where you can get a free cinema ticket to see an award nominated movie when you collect 3 movie tickets from other nominated films. We’ve just watched our 3rd film of choice and now we are deciding on our 4th. I must admit it’s getting harder to decide now as a lot of the suggested films are dwindling off the cinema as they have been out a month or so already, so we are having to be quick. However, if you only want to start collecting the tickets now you do have up until 31st March to complete your 4 films.

I thought I’d share a few short reviews on the 3 movies we’ve watched so far and then ask for your help to decide on our 4th, here goes.


La La Land


I am a musical lover, so I already had an advantage to loving this film. It can be described as marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I’ve actually seen it twice and I loved it just as much the 2nd time, which is always a sign of a good movie to me. Emma Stone is perfect as Mia, a struggling actress living in LA and auditioning whenever she can, and Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian so suave and old Hollywood, Seb is trying to single handily save the Jazz music scene in LA. When I was watching this movie I found that you couldn’t place it in a time period, Mia dressed modern but Seb didn’t, the cars were modern but the way it was shot wasn’t. I liked this about the film as it added more to the old Hollywood musical feel that Damien Chazell wanted to capture. I can’t say much about the way it ends, clearly as it would be a huge spoiler, but it’s not what you think, this added the modern touch to the musical. The emotion and passion that comes across from the characters in the movie is infectious, and honestly, from a girl who has wanted to become an actress her whole life, I felt so moved during one of Emma Stone’s monologues. Go see it if you like a musical that isn’t cheesy and has real life aspects in it.


Hidden Figures


This movie is about 3 trailblazing black women working at NASA in the 60’s. This was a time where segregation was still a huge part of American civilisation so not only was it hard for a woman to get a good job, but even harder for a black woman to get a job. These ladies though had spectacular minds and all 3 become the firsts in their fields to achieve different goals. This was the most uplifting film I have seen in a long time. It’s even better because it is a true story. This is a film you have to watch or read about to learn all the facts, as if I got one wrong by writing it on here I would be doing it a huge disservice, as these women fought for what they achieved and did not take no for an answer. It’s so inspiring, and it showed that NASA was not only pioneering in space travel (the movie depicts the Friendship 7 Orbit mission with John Glenn) but also in civil rights, they saw past the colour of someone’s skin and saw their talent instead.  You need to watch this to be inspired and learn a brilliant piece of real life history. Plus the acting in this is fabulous.




First off, I can’t believe how long it took me to go see this film, I wanted to see it from the moment it came out which was the beginning of February, but hey life can get busy sometimes. For those who don’t know, Jackie is about Jackie Kennedy, JFK’s wife. Whether it is my love of fashion or Marilyn Monroe, but for some reason I have always known who John and Jackie Kennedy were. I remember my Mum and Nan watching programmes about them when I was younger and as I grew up I watched more films about his assassination and then read more of Marilyn, but among all of this Jackie was rarely mentioned. She was an elegant lady, always impeccably dressed, she was quite well known for this, so finally we now have a movie that can shed some light in to what kind of a person she was. Natalie Portman plays another great role in portraying Jackie, her voice and mannerisms are on point, but it’s the way she shows her sadness and sense of no identity which makes the film. It’s completely different to the other movies because it is quite dark. The music is very haunting and really makes you feel the way you should feel when you’re watching someone deal with their husband being shot. It’s a fascinating watch as it is based on real events, and again I don’t want to go in to too many specifics in case I get the facts wrong, plus there are so many. I’d watch this if you have an interest in the Kennedy’s, or fashion, because the costumes are stunning. Spot the Chanel outfits, they’re dreamy.


So those are the 3 award nominated movies we have seen so far, for our 4th we are thinking Lion, Moonlight, Manchester By the Sea or Fences. If anyone reading this has seen any of these possible choices for us then please let me know what you thought of them. Also, if you have seen any of the films I’ve written about, what did you make of them?

Also, please like this post if you enjoyed reading my film review, I love writing these, and if it’s a success then I think I will post more alongside my beauty and lifestyle posts.

Love, Jess


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    Great reviews and I enjoyed reading them. ??

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