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When The Sister Turned 21

My sister turned 21 on Monday! 21! I can’t believe it! I’m 5 years older than her, so I can actually remember her being born and growing up!

We’re the type of sisters that can argue till the cows come home and bicker till we’re blue in the face but at the same time I’d do anything for her. We love spending days together, going on weekends away together, acting daft all night and swapping wardrobes (admittedly, I rob her clothes more than she does mine).

She’s away at University now, but we still talk every day, even if it’s just a little text! Our closeness is why I wanted to make her special day exactly what she wanted.

Her chosen celebrations were not like what most “Twenty-One-Teens” choose. There was no big bash that ends up with drunken friends and family everywhere, that is what my 21st celebrations were like! Instead she wanted a very relaxed and classic affair. A brunch, a stroll around the city (Liverpool, for people who don’t know where I live), and a surprise meal out somewhere with the family. That brings me on to what this blog post is about, it’s focusing on all the wonderful places we went to on Monday.

The Brunch Club, Duke Street. 

The Brunch Club is relatively new to the city, but it is right in the centre of town in a great location. It is industrial chic inside, with statement walls, bare brick and steel work, long wooden benches to sit at, or high wooden tables with steel stools at them.

The atmosphere is relaxed inside and although its set up is super quirky, it still welcomes all types of people. Whilst we were in there a Mum and toddler came in, city tourists, couples, a stag do, and business people having meetings.

I have been in for a coffee before, but this visit was my first time eating there. The food was lovely. We ordered the Full English Breakfast and Eggs Royale, both were delicious and great value for money; always a winner. I’d definitely recommend trying this place out. The staff are very friendly and even surprised my sister with a little slice of cake!!

Joe and The Juice, John Lewis.

We opted for a little walk around after eating, and ended up in L1 (as usual). There is a brand new juice bar opened in John Lewis, it is on the second floor by the beauty counters, it has taken over from the old John Lewis cafe.

The whole of that floor has had a big remodel, I’m still making up my mind whether I like the new layout or not. I’ve wanted to try the juice bar for a while now so I was pleased when Soph (the sister) did too.

It has a huge variety of fresh smoothies and juices. I went for a drink called “Immunity” which had red grapefruit, passion fruit and apple in it, and it was delicious! The others all got the same drink, I think it was called “Iron Man” and it had Strawberries, Apple and something else that I can’t remember in, but again they said it was delicious!

They are quite pricey at around £4.20 for a drink, but we treated them as our desserts, so in that case, that isn’t too bad. I must say as well, the decor in there is really cool, I love the book shelf style wallpaper, the large prints of lovely places around the world, and the comfy chairs to sit on, (you’ll get that I have a thing for decor).

30 James Street, James Street

This was the surprise location we chose for the evening meal. It was recommended to us by a friend and now I will recommend it to you all, it really is fantastic!

The restaurant inside the hotel is called the Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant, it is on the 7th floor of the building and has an outside terrace that offers views of the iconic Liverpool waterfront.

The hotel is inside what once was the “White Star Line” offices, the company which created the RMS Titanic and whose port of registry was inside this building. The restaurant is actually named after the first ship who made it out to the Titanic wreckage to rescue all the survivors, RMS Carpathia.

We were lucky enough to be seated in a private dining area towards the back of the restaurant. The service was brilliant all night and none of us could fault the food. Between us we ordered the lamb dish, the chicken supreme dish, the Seabass risotto and the 8oz steak burger. Each main meal was delicious and so well presented, I wish I had photographed each one but everyone wanted to tuck in straight away so I didn’t get a chance (apart from one picture of my Lamb meal).

We also had Prosecco, beers and cocktails; the cocktails were on a 2-for-1 offer – Amazing! Each glass of fizz was poured especially for each of us, and the beers too.

The desserts were equally fabulous. The hotel even surprised my sister with a special one with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it, so thoughtful and special. My sister felt so special dining here, we all did, I can’t wait to go back, especially as the nights get lighter and enjoy a glass of champers whilst looking over the Pier Head.

The Cake!!

I also can’t finish this blog post without mentioning my sisters incredible birthday cake. It was made by Kingfisher Cakes (can be found on Instagram and Facebook), they’re a Wirral based cake company and are totally amazing. The super talented Gay Fisher makes them all. It is the best cake ever and we’re devastated that we had to cut it, but it does taste amazing and the picture of it will last forever.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and if you try out any of these places from my recommendation, let me know what you think. I’ve also put the links below in case you want to check them out further.

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