Mischief Managed – In Memory of Alan Rickman!


Before I begin, I must say that I had no idea what my next post would be about and now I am writing it, I really wish it was on a different topic, but I couldn’t let the days go by though without expressing my deep sadness and shock over the passing of one of my acting heroes, Alan Rickman!

I found out literally just before a meeting in work was about to start, one of the ladies had her phone with her and saw the news come through! My instant reaction was that it can’t be true!

The moment I got back to my desk I went online and read about what had happened. He had been suffering with cancer for I am not sure how long, and I’m not sure what kind of cancer it was, but it eventually got too much for our British legend to take!!

It is so evident how much of a wonderful person he was by how many beautiful words have been written about him from his friends, colleagues and fans! Emma Thompson, Daniel Radcliffe, Sir Ian McKellen and Evanna Lynch all wrote how he was the person who would give amazing advice, he would really listen to what you were saying, he was a loyal and supportive friend, but most of all, they learnt so much from him when he was on set, his methods, his professionalism and the way he interpreted roles was a stroke of genius!

He attended RADA and because of this I always wanted to attend there, sadly this didn’t come true, however, he did continue to inspire me through the many roles he played.

If i had ever got the opportunity to meet this wonderful man, I’d have either just come over all shy, asked politely for a photograph and then walked away or as quickly as possible I’d have said all of the following….

“I first remember watching you in Robin Hood and the Prince of Thieves. You were my favourite character. I laughed so much at you in that role, my mum did too, and then she would tell me that although he’s funny, he is still playing a baddy!


That clip is my favourite moment of the film!!

“But Sir, why a spoon?” “Because it’ll hurt more you twit!!” I laughed and laughed!!

Then I remember watching Sense and Sensibility when I was a little older. But by now I was completely obsessed with a set of books about witches and wizards and a magical school called Hogwarts. When the first film came out in 2001, I had just started high school too, and although I had already read the book, it now felt more real to me as I could visualise them starting school and empathise with them (minus the magic part). I always loved Snape, and you were the most perfect man to play him, if you hadn’t accepted the role I truly believe it would not have turned in to one of the most misunderstood and loved characters of the stories! Your deep bass voice was terrifying but reassuring at the same time. It is the kind of voice that just needed to be heard.”

In the middle of filming The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban, he starred in Love Actually. Who doesn’t love ‘Love Actually’? Although it’s completely different to Snape, he’s still playing the baddy, and we still love him for it! His story line with long standing colleague and friend, Emma Thompson, captures and breaks your heart more than any other in the movie.

Going through school and practically growing up with Harry Potter as a part of our adolescent lives it was impossible to not think of the characters and actors like you knew them. That is why we do get sad when they pass away, it is like losing a distant friend!

Alan Rickman made Severus Snape my favourite character from Harry Potter, and I feel like I have mourned his loss three times now. First when I read about his death, then when we saw it happen on screen, and now in reality.We have to thank him a million times over for blessing us with such a wonderful performance.

I can’t imagine what his partner, Rima, of 50 years must be feeling. She has lost half her heart! I’d have to say to her; even though I’m sure she already knows, how much of an inspiration and someone to look up to that her husband was. It is so hard when we lose our heroes but we have to be thankful that we even came across them at all. Thanks have to be said, as anyone who has ever watched and loved Alan Rickman has been blessed a little bit in that short part of our lives.

He once said that, “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.’ He was so right, whether he related this to himself or not, he totally embodied this quote.

So, thank you Alan for being the most wonderful actor, thank you for creating the perfect image of Snape, and  thank you for your charm. You will be greatly missed from stage and screen.



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