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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to JessiLouBlog, or a big hello to you if you’re reading for the first time. This post will be a little similar to my last, in a way that it is about another great place to try out in Liverpool City Centre, the brand new “The Club House”.

The Club House

Last week I got an email from Liverpool One telling me about a brand new restaurant opening on Chavasse Park called The Club House. It’s a Hampton’s inspired, just-off-the-beach pub restaurant.

If I signed up to the mailing list I could receive a 50% off food voucher and I was able to select the date I wanted to use it on. We could choose between Wednesday 27th – Sunday 31st January. I chose to use mine on Friday evening, I thought it would be a nice treat to end a very busy working week on!!

We arrived at The Club House around 7.15pm, now I expected it to be a little busy as I’m sure quite a few people got the discount voucher, but it was chocker block. We were greeted by a lovely lady who told us that if we wanted to reserve a table it was an hour to an hour and a half wait. Usually me and the hubs would politely decline this, but we really wanted to try this place out; and I did have the voucher! So we waited.

Our experience on the night

The bar area was so busy but we managed to find a good little spot at a table in the corner. Ste (the hubs) was happy as they had one of his favourite beers on tap, Samuel Adams, and for my first drink I tried a Strawberry beer.

There was live music on, a guy with his guitar singing a mix of 90’s Brit Pop and classics from all era’s. Followed by a guitarist and pianist duo playing more modern songs with their twist on it.

Ste stayed on the ‘Sam Adams’ for the night but I discovered the cocktails, and not just any cocktails, but Cocktails On Tap!! So the Strawberry Daiquiris started rolling. By this point we had been waiting just over an hour, it had gone quickly as we had been enjoying the music and we got talking to two lovely women who had popped in for a drink after a fun day out shopping in town.

By the time we did get our table, we ordered, and the food came really quickly. We ordered the Chicken and Chorizo Pie and the Chicken (with garlic and sweet chilli) hanging kebab. It was delicious, we ate every bit. From looking around at the other tables, the hanging kebabs were really popular, most people were ordering these and loving them by the looks of it. We also went for a dessert, the warm sticky toffee pudding with ice cream; again, YUM!!

Can We Come Every Night

I’ve already eyed up more dishes on the menu that I can’t wait to try, like the half roast chicken with BBQ sauce, or the lamb kofta hanging kebab. I’d really recommend this place as a cool new place to go and hang out.

I’m sure the atmosphere of easy going summer vibes will shine through to everyone. I can already predict that on those hot summer days (that fingers crossed we’ll actually get this year), the outside seating area will be packed with all sorts of people who want to have a little imaginary escape from the city and pretend they’re away in the Hampton’s or New Hampshire coast resorts.

I can’t finish without mentioning the amazing decor, I’ve said before how much I love a well decorated place. Even the plates the food is served on and the cups the hot drinks come in are gorgeous!! Here are a few pics so you can see what I mean.


Be sure to check out their website for the prices of the food, and the extensive list of beers/lagers/ales/ciders and other drinks they have on offer.

From the 1st February The Club House is open properly. You can reserve tables in the downstairs and upstairs restaurant areas which is waitress service, or just turn up and try find a spot in the other areas and order your food and drinks at the bar. If you go, let me know what you think and what you order, you may give me good ideas for my next trip.

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