Taco Bell Opens In Liverpool

If someone said to me, what do you think of when you hear Taco Bell, I’d say American movies. I feel like I’ve grown up hearing about Taco Bell. I grew up wanting to live the life of an American softmore heading to Taco Bell after class.

Alas, I’m now way too old to want to be a highschooler any more, and I’m 100% British. But I am certainly not too old to become a Taco Bell lover.

It recently opened at the bottom of Bold Street in the City Centre, and has been popular with everyone.

Taco Bell History

Taco Bell is the world’s leading Mexican style fast food chain. They were founded in California in 1962 and now have 6,500 restaurants worldwide.

Fun fact, 24 of those are in the UK. With the latest to open being Liverpool. 

The Mexican chain first opened in the UK in the 1980’s. The first stores were opened in London and are still there today.

Taco Bell states that it provides “CRAVEABLE TASTES and AFFORDABLE VALUE”. This is so true. Just from my first experience at Taco Bell, the things that caught my eye wear the great price tag and the delicious taste.

Taco Bell Liverpool. Taco Bell UK. Fast Food. City Life Blog. Lifestyle Blogger UK.

What’s On The Menu?

From Taco Bell you can get taco’s (obviously), burrito’s, quesadillas, nachos (my favourite) and more. All of these options come with a variety of meats, the likes of beef, chicken, and pork. They’re all finished off with either fresh salad, rice or a variety of dips, like guacamole and salsa.

The cheese topped Nacho’s are going to become my favourite item on the menu. They were so good.

It’s also good to note that there are vegetarian options on the menu. The Bean Taco went down a treat on the launch night. As did the seasoned fries.

On the night of the launch I was with Sam, from Samantha Nicole Blog. Sam was born and grew up in the States, and has fond memories of Taco Bell. Her and her Mum raved about the food choices being served up, so if they say it’s good, all that way from home, then it must be.

More and more fast food restaurants now seem to be taking the equal approach to freshly prepared food is better. There’s no more food waiting round on hot plates for someone to order it. The food is only being prepared once your order hits the till.

Taco Bell make sure each and every order is prepared fresh and to your customisation.

Taco Bell and Liverpool

I think Taco Bell is going to do really well in Liverpool. It’s the only one in the city, in a prime location, and offers a different variety to the fast food market in the city.

It is the perfect place to grab a quick bite after work, or before heading to the cinema. One of the most attractive aspects of heading there though has to be the prices. I mentioned this before, but honestly, the burrito’s and taco’s start from £1.79, as do the cheese topped fries. Bargain.

The MOST attractive thing that will draw you in to Liverpool’s latest opener though is the wall mural by Paul Curtis. Paul is the artist behind the famous Wings street art.

If you’re from Liverpool, then you know what these are! If you visit the city, you have to get a snap with them.

The wall art inside is really amazing, and adds that local touch to the restaurant. It’s the perfect welcome to the city, to ask a local artist to be involved. Definitely go in to check it out and mull it over whilst munching on the Nacho’s. See how many Liverpool landmarks you can spot.

Taco Bell Liverpool. Taco Bell UK. Fast Food. City Life Blog. Lifestyle Blogger UK.

I’d love to know if you’ve been here yet? And if not, what are you waiting for? Check out their website to get your taste buds flowing, and let me know what you’re going to get.

Jessi xoxo



  1. April 23, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I really want to make a trip to Taco Bell – I love that kind of food and it looks so delicious! I like the way they have incorporated a little tribute to the city in the decor as well – it’s a realy lovely touch and is so unique.

    Jackie O xo


    • jessiloublog
      April 26, 2018 / 5:57 pm

      The decor is really unique, it’s such a thoughtful thing to do. You will love it there Jackie. Perfect pit stop for a busy day! x

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