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Charlotte Tilbury Launches in Liverpool


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Hey Everyone,

I actually have 2 blog posts ready to go; go me ha, but I had to post this one first because I was so excited about it! It’s all about when Charlotte Tilbury visited Liverpool. The boho beauty herself made a personal appearance at John Lewis, Liverpool One. It was part of her promotion of Project Confidence but also to promote the relatively new brand of hers that landed in John Lewis at the end of 2015.

Discovering Charlotte Tilbury – The Lady Herself

Charlotte has worked in the make up industry for over 20 years. She trained at the infamous Glauca Rossi School in London and from there gained the skills and experience to become a backstage MUA. All these years of experience, put together with the passion to create the make up she desired to use on others, led her to launch her very own line.

I have followed Charlotte on instagram for a while now, and loved reading articles about her, but I have never used her make up until now, I think this is true for lots of people. With the range just being over 2 years old it is still relatively new and with it being launched in select places you may not spot it. But we now have it in our City and you really couldn’t miss it on the beauty floor of John Lewis.

The Charlotte Tilbury Launch, Liverpool

Not only have I discovered that the make up is “magic”, but the packaging is beautiful. It is rose gold, 1920’s, gatsby style all rolled in to one. It is elegant and girly, you feel really special and excited when buying a product.

But now back to the day itself. Me and my Mum arrived at John Lewis around 1pm and headed for the Tilbury stand, it was a buzz with CT MUA’s from all over the UK, they had all been brought up for the event. They were all looking flawless, it was a little daunting at first to approach them all but after 5 minutes talking to two of the lovely ladies we felt very at ease and they offered us a free mini Tilbury make over. Charlotte has created 10 set looks that can help you choose the style you are after, each look contains seven products that when used all together create the desired look. I chose the Dolce Vita look, and Mum went for the Rock Chick.


Charlotte’s Arrival

Charlotte was arriving at 4pm, and 100 people who had purchased tickets were able to queue up and meet her. If you had a ticket the meet and greet involved a small chat and make up consultation with her, she would recommend which of her products she thought would best suit you, a signed personal message on a make up box, that would later be filled with products of your choice that were redeemable against the price of the ticket, and a photograph with her. She didn’t rush anybody and was so lovely with everyone. She was there for 3 hours. We didn’t have a ticket to meet her, however, as the hopefuls we are, we hung around in the hope that at the end we would get to meet her.

I was so glad that we waited as we met some lovely people. We got to know two girls who had come to the event on their own, but we all became friends quickly after talking about make up, shopping and celebs. We met the models that Charlotte had brought with her to show off the make up looks; they were handing out the cutest freebies, and we met CT’s right hand man, Nelson Catarino, he was so nice with us, we chatted about make up tips, celebs and shopping at Zara.

Meeting Charlotte Herself

But then the time came and we actually met the Make Up Goddess. The waiting totally paid off. She was so lovely and was more than happy to stop for a picture and a quick chat. We loved how encouraging she was, she totally made my mums day by saying how fabulous she looked and was a “poster girl” for the older woman who loves make up. She told us how fabulous her trip to Liverpool had been and she knew how much Liverpudlian women loved make up but was blown away by the reception she got. The most amazing thing she told us though was that her range is all about making women feel empowered and confident. She wants women to look fabulous till the day they die. This is so uplifting and it felt great to talk to a woman that was so confident in herself and made you feel just the same in that small instance.

Welcome to Liverpool Charlotte Tilbury

The whole day was buzzing. It was a fantastic event for the city, Liverpool is a fashion loving place and it is about time major fashion/beauty events and appearances happened here. We heard some staff members from John Lewis saying how the event had been brilliant and there should definitely be more like it. I couldn’t think of a better way to be fully introduced to the brand, and I can’t wait to visit the London flagship store in Covent Garden later this month. So thank you Team Tilbury (and our lovely Rachel) for making the day a fabulous one.


Let me know if you use Charlotte Tilbury products and which are your fave, I will have to try them out. I have put the link to her website below so you can check it all out, and also watch the great YouTube tutorials that help create your desired looks.

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    Great post, thanks for sharing ☺

  2. Sarah
    March 13, 2016 / 5:31 am

    I really want to try Charlotte Tilbury products 🙂

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