White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen – Summer Soiree Evening

White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen, the beautiful location that gives you a break from busy city life.

Over the years I have come to realise that it’s important to do something that eases your mind. It’s the worst feeling to constantly feel like you’re chasing your to-do list in your head. Or half way through a task you remember something urgent you have to do.

There are many ways in which we can relax our minds; some of these ways are meditation, yoga, being in peaceful surroundings, and all of these can be found at White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen.

Summer Soiree

White Wolf Yoga opened just over a year ago on Cook St in Liverpool city centre. The stunning venue is an old Ballroom and Auction House.

The owner, Louise, has totally transformed the space in to a tranquil setting to escape from the busy city.

Two weeks ago I was fortunate to attend their Summer Soiree and take along my Mum and Sister too. I was intrigued about going. I wanted to learn more about Yoga and, the set menu for the night was all vegan food.

I’m not a vegan and I’ve mentioned before that I am a former fussy eater and still not very adventurous.

The Summer Soiree began with a Prosecco reception in the cafe area. Guests enjoyed sipping on this and chatting to one another before being shown in to the main room.

The main room where the yoga classes take place is stunning. It is decorated with fairy lights, which always give off a very relaxed vibe to me.

The colour scheme of the room and the decorative trees make it a tranquil space. Something that you definitely want for a yoga studio. It was so nice to relax in these surroundings with great company and some fizz.

The courses were made up from locally sourced produce and were surprisingly delicious to me, my Mum and Sister loved each one also. The starter was a lemon hummus with fresh crusted bread, followed by seared scallops made from King Oyster Mushrooms. The main course was my favourite and something I think I would try and recreate myself at home, it was a cauliflower steak on a bed of spiced lentils. Dessert consisted of a Strawberry and Basil slice with a pistachio soil, so refreshing and tasty.

When Dreams Become Reality

The White Wolf Summer Soiree was an evening to indulge in foods that each customer may not have tried before. Although the cafe may not serve up this kind of food daily, they want to use the Soiree’s as an opportunity to showcase this kind of vegan food. For someone who was skeptical over what I would eat and enjoy, I actually ate it all and loved it.

A quick update on the cafe – Since the Summer Soiree the girls of White Wolf, Louise and Bec made an announcement on their Instagram, they’ve decided to scale back the cafe, the demand has been brilliant for them but more than anticipated. The dream was always to build a business that provided excellent yoga sessions and retreats, and the response has been brilliant, so this is what will take precedent. The cafe will still be open but only just before and after classes for healthy juices, smoothies and coffee. To read more about this follow the girls on Instagram and keep up to date with more announcements.


Yoga is something I have always wanted to get in to, I love the idea of it strengthening your body, helping with flexibility and helping focus your mind in a meditative way. However, over the years, since I stopped regular dance classes 9 years ago, I have majorly lost my flexibility, so this on top of gaining a few injuries has knocked my confidence and put me off joining a class. I literally fear I would be the girl that looked like a walking meme, “Does one yoga session, thinks she’s a yogi, but can’t even do the Downwards Dog”. 

But, since seeing White Wolf’s studio I could totally imagine myself attending the classes here. The classes run once or twice a day depending on the day, all abilities can take part, each class is £7 (a monthly membership can also be set up) and yoga mats are provided at the studio. For a full timetable of classes head to their website.

I’d love to know if any of you guys have been to White Wolf Yoga and joined a class, what did you think? I’d also love to hear some tips or encouragement for a new starter to yoga. Do any of you guys do this regularly and really love it?

Can’t wait to hear from you,

Jess xoxo



  1. Ruth Writes
    July 31, 2017 / 9:33 am

    This sounds amazing and the space looks so calming and serene. I work around the corner from White Wolf so may have to look into a lunchtime class! The food looked amazing too – I love eating vegan/veggie healthy food so it sounds right up my street – such a shame they’ve paused the cafe!

    PS. Your new layout looks fab!

    Ruth // http://www.ruth-writes.co.uk

    • jessiloublog
      July 31, 2017 / 11:45 am

      Thanks so much Ruth. I know, gutted about the cafe, but if you try a lunch time class, definitely pick up a smoothie or coffee! x

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