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So I thought I would share with you some great beauty products that I have brought in to my life recently! They are a mixture of more expensive products and bargain products!

But before I start I must say a few things. I haven’t included pictures of myself in the make up/skincare as I’m in no way a beautician that can do my face up super well.

I don’t have great lighting for a super great selfie. My make up is just put on to make myself feel good and happy, but I can still rave about them all the same!


I love Chanel make up and skin products! Over the years I have bought a variety of their make up! My most recent purchases have been a primer and eyebrow defining pencil! I never used to use a primer before putting on my foundation; a sin to make up lovers I know. But since using them I can see how much better my foundation applies, as well as lasts!

The primer is called “Le Blanc de Chanel – Multi-use illuminating base”.



I love this product! You can see your complexion lift almost instantly after it applies. Even through your foundation you can tell you have prepped your skin. This primer is also good to apply to your skin if you are having a “make up free day”. It offers a natural look but protects the skin a little more, along with a good moisturiser.

This retails at £33 and can be bought from the majority of department stores and Chanel stores.

The eyebrow defining pencil is called “Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil”, it comes in different shades. The shade I bought was “60 Noir Cendré”, it is the darkest shade they do but it actually matches perfectly with my very dark brown/black eyebrows. 



You only have to apply this very lightly as it goes on very easily. Top Tip – you don’t want to press too hard and have your brows too rigid and striking.

I think brows should still look natural even with make up on them, and this pencil defines them without giving you a “scouse brow”. It retails at £19 and can be bought from Chanel concessions and stores!

I bought both my Chanel products from John Lewis in Liverpool One, as I love that counter and the staff that work on it!


These are my most recent make up purchases but I love them so much already.

I bought them from the Dior counter in Debenhams, Liverpool One. I went to this one in particular as I had a voucher for Debenhams and knew I wanted some new make up!

The girl who served me, Gemma, was fantastic. She tried the foundation on me, giving me an express complexion make over. I got signed up to the Dior VIP list. This will notify me of new products, promotions, and from time to time they send you new samples to try out. I’m also booked in for another flash makeover (a reward from signing up to VIP).

I purchased the brand new Diorskin Forever Foundation. The shade I went for was tested to my skin, it is a slightly warmer shade than my natural skin, but I always like that with foundation.

The new Forever has a built in primer, as well as an SPF of 25. I love make up that contains SPF as you should always be trying to protect your skin as best as possible.

To go with the foundation I also bought the Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation Sponge. I usually apply my foundation with my fingers; another huge make up sin, I told you I wasn’t an expert, but I’m learning!

This sponge is amazing, it is very soft to skin and leaves no streaks in the foundation like some brushes can do! If you want more coverage on a certain area (maybe to hide a spot or blemish) then just dab the sponge over that area a few extra time. From using my fingers, to now the sponge, I can honestly see the difference!

A huge bonus is that this washes clean in the washing machine!

The foundation retails at £32.50 and the sponge retails at £14.



These are the products I use to remove my make up and treat my skin. For years I’ve always been told “don’t use face wipes”, but let’s face it, we all do!

But I have been trying to be good and look after my skin more and more. I now remove my make up with “Garnier Pure Micellar Cleansing Water”.

I put 2 or 3 drops on to a cotton pad and it removes my make up and eye make up with ease! I’d say I use at least 4 cotton pads to fully clean my face, but it does leave your skin feeling very soft. They also have an option of Sensitive Skin Micellar Water.



These Micellar’s are on offer at the moment in Boots. They’re usually £4.99 but are down to £3.

After using this I either use “Garnier Pure Active Purifying Toner” or “Garnier Skin Naturals Soft Essentials Softening Toner for Dry Skin”. The purifying toner is good if I have a break out of spots. It is a lot stronger on the skin than the soothing toner, and it is faster acting on my problem areas. It reduces the redness of the spots and helps them to clear within days.

However, for every day use I find the soothing toner best as I suffer with dry skin, especially in the winter months! Plus it is kinder to skin for every day use.

The Pure Active toner is £4.25 and Soothing toner is £3.29 (Boots prices).


I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I have given you some ideas of different high end and bargain products to try! As always everyone’s skin is different, so not all these may suit you.

Let me know if you enjoyed seeing a beauty blog from me, I have lots of more lovely products I could talk about, so maybe that’s a future post in the making.

I’m always on the look out for a lovely face moistureiser, something that is soothing and good to dry skin, any ideas let me know!

Until next time,








  1. February 5, 2016 / 6:52 pm

    Love your post! You should write posts about your makeup and skincare routine too 🙂

    • February 6, 2016 / 12:20 am

      Thank you With All My Affection! i will definitely write more beauty blogs! your site is lovely! x

  2. eh1989
    February 6, 2016 / 8:00 am

    Love this Jessi! Im the same… always using make up wipes and soap on my face but trying to take better care of it now im getting old hehe!! I got the Number 7 Skin care range for Xmas and have been using the miniatures of their regular products such as the Day cream, Radiance Booster Balm and the Under Eye Cream and reslly love them! My skin definitely feels better since Ive been using them! Looking forward to your next blog xxxxx

    • February 7, 2016 / 9:59 pm

      Em, I will definitely try the No7 range then! they sound gorgeous!! 🙂 thanks for reading xxx

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