It’s Awards Season!


It is the time of year when all film (and fashion) fans get excited and just want to discuss films all day and debate over who should win what and who has been snubbed off the nomination lists. That’s right, it is the most important few months for people involved in film and television. It all kicked off this weekend (10th January) with the 73rd Golden Globe Awards. The lavish event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

These type of events are ones I have always wished to be a part of, I can imagine they are super stressful and not as enjoyable for all the behind the scenes staff, but for the industry guests it would be amazing. How wonderful to be honored for doing something you love. It is still a fantasy of mine that one day I will act in a movie and get a call saying “you’re on the Oscar’s nominations list”! I can see myself freaking out, and then gracefully accepting the award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role. We can all dream, right?

On Sunday, I sat in my living room before going to bed, and wrote down all my predictions for the Golden Globe winners. Unfortunately, for us in the UK the ceremony is not shown on our TV, so we have to resort to finding out the winners and highlights of the evening through the News and Internet, (annoying, I know). As soon as I woke up I headed straight for the i-pad and excitedly found the winners list and scrutinised it whilst having my coffee.

Meanwhile, my husband had already turned the morning news on and the sad news of David Bowie passing away had been broadcast. It was all everyone was talking about, even the after parties of the Globe’s were reportedly tinged with sadness and the DJ’s were playing Bowie’s songs. He is a singer I was never really a fan of, not for any reason, I had just not been introduced to him for his music. However, it was through film that I first learnt who he was. As a kid I loved to watch Labyrinth, for years I recognised him as the Goblin King, I liked him but was always slightly scared of him. Still, I remember how devastated I was on the death of my hero, Michael Jackson, so I could totally imagine the sadness of all his fans around the world.

Golden Globe Drama

For me though, it was back to the Globes and this year did not disappoint. The night was filled with fantastic and interesting winners. I can’t possibly go in to them all so I will just touch upon the ones who stood out to me. Brie Larson, a relatively unknown actress took home the award for Best Actress for ‘Room’. I know Brie as the high school girl from 22 Jump Street who falls for Jonah Hill’s character; did the penny just drop for some of you too? I can’t wait to see ‘Room’, for a young female actress this is the most perfect role to be blessed with, it will open so many doors for her.

I also read somewhere that Brie said the highlight of her Globe’s night was sharing an In and Out burger with Katy Perry, I’d be pretty excited about that too. Leo DiCaprio finally got an award for another grueling film he is a part of, The Revenant. Could this be the year he gets his long awaited Oscar? The Revenant is released on January 15th, so if you go see it, let me know what you think.

The biggest Leo moment of the night for me though, sadly was not the award, but the hilarious short clip of him reacting to Lady Gaga nudging his arm off his chair when she walked past to collect her award. Honestly, I don’t really care what he is already giggling about or why he reacted in that way, but that face he pulls in that split second is so funny; I think I have watched that clip about 50 times; must-stop-playing-it!!

leonardo dicaprio reaction when lady gaga bumps into him

Someone I was really excited about winning an award was Sylvester Stallone. In summer 2015 (partly because the weather was so bad half the time) I decided to plan my days around watching all the Rocky films, I’d never seen them but always heard so much about them. Instantly, I fell in love with them, they were so enjoyable. The story of how Sylvester Stallone fought to get the first one out there and how they have grown in to an amazing franchise is just amazing. Rocky Balboa is the only fictional boxer to be inducted in to the boxing hall of fame; that is how much everyone loved and believed him! Sylvester winning Best Supporting Actor is huge for “Rocky” and only adds to my excitement of seeing “Creed” at the weekend.

Was it predictable for Jennifer Lawrence to win an award for “Joy”? I think so, and I’m not knocking the win, as I LOVE her. I am a ridiculously huge fan of hers and yes she is deserving of all her awards, but even as she said, the reason she is always up on that stage accepting them is because of the dynamic working partnership with the Director, David O Russel. They have worked together on Silver Lining’s Playbook, American Hustle and now Joy, all brilliant award winning films. For me, this is Hollywood’s new power team, and I hope they continue to work together.

Awards Season Fashion

I can’t move on to the fashion side of the night without quickly mentioning these moments – Taraji P Henson winning Best Actress in a Drama TV Series for playing ‘Cookie Lyon’ in ‘Empire’, she is so good at playing her, for me she makes that show what it is. ‘The Martian’ winning Best Musical/Comedy Motion Picture, and Matt Damon winning Best Actor in Musical/Comedy Motion Picture, for ‘The Martian’, to me this is a classic case of “we really want to award that movie with something, but we don’t know what”. That film had funny moments, but I would not class it as a comedy. Who cares, they have the award now anyway!!

So, the fashion side of the night. Who wore what? And who wore it best? Here are my Best Dressed Ladies.

Top Left to Right – Alicia Vikander, Helen Mirren, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence and Viola Davis. (Click on image and scroll across for designers).

All these women caught my eye, one for the beautiful dresses, but mainly because they have all dressed for themselves. Each dress suits the lady perfectly, this is evident as they are all so different. I especially have to comment about Helen Mirren’s outfit, this lady is 70, and she looks incredible. That black dress shows off her lovely figure and the open neckline shows off the right amount of skin to keep it looking effortlessly elegant.

My best dressed man was Eddie Redmayne, he always dresses well. I loved this polka dot suit jacket teamed with a bow tie and black suit trousers. It shouldn’t work, but I love it.

Eddie Redmayne

I will leave this post with an absolute power couple, who dropped some seriously cute news on the night of the Golden Globes, Rosie H-W and Jason Statham are engaged. Congratulations to these two very beautiful humans.

Please let me know what you think of any of the Nominated films if you go see them, or who you thought was best dressed. Thanks for sticking with me.

Until next time.



*images found via Pinterest & Google Search from articles in The Daily Mail, E-Online and The Telegraph



  1. Jess Phenna
    January 12, 2016 / 10:43 pm

    Jess I am so enjoying reading your blog so far, please keep posting them on fb so I can keep reading them 🙂

    • January 12, 2016 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks so much Jess! Means a lot!! I will try and keep doing them !! xx

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