What’s in store for the New Year, 2016?


Welcome to my first blog post.

I love the start of a new year as it always brings a sense of adventure and prospects.

I always get a new calender to hang in the kitchen and a new diary, that I carry with me everywhere. This year I actually have a stunning Harrods diary, it was a lovely Christmas present from my mum and the start of an annual tradition for me now I think. The pages are edged with a gold colour, and the back of the diary has maps of different cities, so basically it is encouraging you to travel, that’s the way I like to look at it anyway!

I looked to see if you could buy it online, but they do not have it, it may have been from the actual store, but they still have gorgeous ones on the website and in the sale too; even better!


New Diary, New Plans

When I sit down to fill in both the calender and diary I start to get excited for what plans we already have for the new year, and this year I personally have a lot.

I like to have plans, I am definitely a planner. I’m a little bit fanatic over making plans actually, I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing. My husband will say it’s a bad thing, he’s such a “go-with-the-flow-guy” that he doesn’t understand why I like all things to be planned and triple checked. Though what I can say, is that if my plans go the way I hoped then we are all always happy.

January brings two family birthdays, first for the Hubs, then for my sister, she is turning 21. Turning 21 is a big deal, so me and my mum are busy making lots of perfect plans for her, hopefully.

February is a month I am excited for as I am hopefully visiting Scotland, somewhere I have never been to before. We’re hoping to visit Loch Lomond, as it looks completely stunning and have heard amazing things.


In May I am doing a city break to Madrid. I have been to Madrid before and absolutely loved it, I can’t wait to go back. One of my best friends lives there now and it is her I am going to see and stay with, so a perfect way to explore the city again with a “local”. Here’s some fun from the last time I was there (5 years ago, that time has gone by so quickly).


Love Is In The Air

The BIG things 2016 holds though, is that two of my best friends are getting married; not to each other I might add. They are both in the same month though! For one of them I am Maid of Honour, which is a huge privilege. The bride is my oldest friend and she was also one of my bridesmaids so the day is going to be super special.

Along with the weddings, comes the FUN part; The Hen Party!! These I am really excited for. We’re off to Cornwall for one and a surprise location for the other.

I need to get together loads of fun ideas for hosting a hen party. So far Pinterest has been an amazing place to gather ideas from. I love thinking of a theme and games, even fun ways to display the food and drinks.

Here are some I love so far,


If anyone has any good hen party ideas that they have seen or been involved in, please let me know in the comments! Along with that, if anyone has been to Loch Lomond, Madrid or Praa Sands, Cornwall, then please do get in touch with the best and most recommended things to do and visit.

Thanks for reading my first blog post. See you again soon.

Love Jess



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