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Welcome back to Film Friday, and another Netflix blog. Netflix is my treasure trove for all kinds of movies, documentaries and series. You know by now that it’s the main thing I watch. I like to find new bits to enjoy on there, and then share them with you. Which is why I am back with more Netflix shows that you need to watch.

Today’s round up is bringing a mix of series, and documentaries. All of which I’ve enjoyed recently. If you have seen any of them before, then let’s chat in the comments. As always, please recommend me things to watch that you’ve been loving too.


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Mindhunter looks at the FBI in the 1970’s, and how they’re faced with a spree of murder crimes. Individuals are committing a series of killings, and 2 FBI agents make it their mission to find out why.

The whole series is based on how the term Serial Killer was coined. It is so interesting. It is a little slow to start. I think if you don’t know the premise of the show, it can be a little hard to read also.

In each episode, nothing major really happens, so you have to get over the strange feeling of “waiting for something to happen”. It’s just a slow progression of their research and results that we find out.

The characters who the FBI agents interview are based on real life killers. That part is super interesting. I found myself googling about them after each episode.

There were moments in this series that reminded me of Breaking Bad. Not in terms of the plot, just the way it was shot. It’s soft focus, long scenes with no dialogue, text coming up at the start of the scene. It was very artsy and well put together.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Good To Watch On Netflix. Netflix Show Review. Film Blog UK. Film Blog. Netflix Love. UK Blogger.

This show is very similar to Mindhunter, and not just because of the name. Out of the 2, I actually preferred this one. It is about discovering how to use language as evidence in an investigation. Thus, coining the term Forensic Linguistics.

I used to be a bit of a language nerd, in some cases I still am. I studied it at Uni because I loved learning about it at school. The use of language has always fascinated me. So this show was right up my street.

Again, it was based on the real events of the FBI trying to catch the Unabomber in the mid nineties. They hired a new profiler, who in turn caught the Unabomber by new methods, of studying his language use.

Paul Bettany as the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, is a brilliant performance. At times, he almost had me feeling sorry for him. Excellent writing and directing also.

The Sinner

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This show was recommended to me, as well as me seeing everyone talking about it. I’ll admit this first, I didn’t love it.

I don’t like to come on here and just rave about things all the time, you need some variation. I wanted to include this show anyway, as I know many did love it.

The first episode of the show is great, there is no waiting round, it’s straight in to the action. By action, I mean a brutal stabbing – so there is your warning! From here on in, the show is uncovering why Jessica Biel’s character carried out the triggered attack.

In some parts of the show it gets very dark. It also got uncomfortable and confusing for me at times. Sometimes I was watching thinking I had missed something. I’d recommend you seeing it through however, because the twist in the plot is so good. I was not expecting it at all.

Even when a show is not doing it for me, if there is a good plot twist then I can acknowledge its work.

The True Cost

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Now on to 2 things that are a lot different from the above mentioned shows. The next 2 on my recommended list are both fashion documentaries. I love the fashion section on Netflix, there are some great things to watch.

The True Cost looks at fast fashion manufacturing all over the world. The focus is on Sweat Shop workers, and the harsh conditions they are under. It is so harrowing in parts, that it has really stuck with me.

This documentary was made in 2015, and from what little research I could find, conditions for sweat shops workers have got slightly better since. However, the cost of fast fashion is really reflected in this. From the conditions of the garment workers, to their pay. The whole environment is awful.

I think in order to understand where your clothes could come from, or just to get a grasp on the volume of consumerism, then this is worth the watch.

Manolo – The boy who made shoes for Lizards

Good To Watch On Netflix. Netflix Show Review. Film Blog UK. Film Blog. Netflix Love. UK Blogger.

This is one of the best fashion documentaries about a designer I have seen in a while. Manolo Blahnik, for those who don’t know, is one of the worlds leading shoe designers. Not only are his shoes synonymous with shoe lovers, they were made even more of a household name via Carrie Bradshaw in SATC.

I loved that this documentary showed you the personal side to Manolo. It’s very rare that we get to know the life of a designer, as they let their garments do the talking. He comes across as such a nice guy. He’s well respected and admired by his friends. He also talks about how he got started in designing, and where his inspiration comes from.

100% worth the watch for a feel good vibe, and some creative inspiration.


Have any of you seen any of these? Do let me know. If you’re having a chilled weekend, then these series are perfect for starting. Get cosy on the couch, and start the binge watch.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend,



*Images found via Netflix and Google search. Featured image is my own.



  1. February 20, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    I absolutely LOVED Mindhunter, but struggled to get into Unambomber! I loved the Sinner as well but really struggled with all the needle scenes ? Manolo though, I’ll have to check that out

    • jessiloublog
      February 20, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      I think you would love the Manolo doc! Unabomber I loved, thought it was so cleverly done! The Sinner pushed the boundaries for me a bit, some scenes too far! x

  2. themummydiaries1
    February 28, 2018 / 7:37 pm

    I absolutely loved Sinner and mindhunter and manhunt they are all up my street. I’m definitely going to check out the other 2 fashion ones you mentioned x

    • jessiloublog
      March 1, 2018 / 11:04 am

      Let me know what you think of them. Manhunt I really loved. Looking for another show similar to that, to get in to! x

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