Pixi Beauty Liquid Lipstick Review

You all know I am a Pixi Beauty lover. They’re a brand that tick all the right boxes. They’re cruelty free & the products contain natural ingredients. But most of all, the products are some of the best I have come across.

I have got quite a few Pixi beauty blogs coming to the blog for you guys. It’s at this point that I want to put a small disclaimer out there.

I am sent Pixi products by the brand, which I am SO grateful for. However, it’s at my own discretion to write about them. I’m not obliged to, but when I try them out and love them, I want to recommend them to you. Hence these reviews.

Over the last few months I have received amazing parcels. Each one after the other blows me away. So here is the start of my Pixi series that will be here for a few weeks.

Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty Liquid Lip. Lipstick Love. Beauty Blog.

Liquid Lipstick

It’s only in recent years that I started using a liquid lipstick. For me the consistency of the product better suits my lips. I suffer with very dry lips and often a matte or sheen lipstick is very unforgiving.

Some people think that liquid lipsticks may be the same, and some are, but if you find a nourishing one then you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Pixi liquid lips come in a 6 shades and are universal colours that suit every look, and every skin tone.

Pixi always strive to use natural ingredients in their products, which makes their make up a mix of skin care also. The liquid lipsticks all contain rosehip oil. This not only keeps your lips nourished but also helps for the colour to comfortably last for hours.

Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty Liquid Lip. Lipstick Love. Beauty Blog.Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty Liquid Lip. Lipstick Love. Beauty Blog.


When I am investing in a good make up product, I want one that will hold my desired look for hours. If you’re the same as me, then these lipsticks are for you.

Ask anyone who has used these before, they will say the same I’m sure, the colour lasts for hours. I was very impressed by these when I first used them. They are now my go – to lipstick if I’m on a night out as I know I won’t have to keep touching up my colour.

The applicator is specially designed for a precise application. You use the point of the applicator to line your lips, then the flat part to infill your colour.

You will find they are also really fast to dry. They do dry more matte than sheen, but the colour stays solid and doesn’t sink in to any fine lines you might have (like me) on your lips.

I’d say over the period of a full day, I only have to top up twice. That’s a brilliant product to me.

Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty Liquid Lip. Lipstick Love. Beauty Blog.

Award Winning

You don’t just have to take my word for it on how good these are. They were a winner in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2017.

For £16 each they are well worth investing in. They will last you for a long time, as a little bit of colour goes a long way.

My favourite shade to wear for day time is Au Naturelle. It is a peachy brown shade, and looks very classic. For an evening look I like to wear Pastel Petal or Evening Rose. Evening Rose is a lot bolder, but even with the colour being more noticeable it still lasts perfectly.

Pixi Beauty. Pixi Beauty Liquid Lip. Lipstick Love. Beauty Blog.

To shop Pixi Beauty you can always use their website. They are also getting more and more concessions in stores like Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols.

If you’re on Merseyside reading this, then the Beauty Bazaar sell their full collection.

If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks then definitely check these out. Let me know if you’ve tried and loved them before? Or are you now bursting to go try them?

Jessi xoxo


*these products were gifted by Pixi Beauty. All views and images are honest and my own. 


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