The Scouse Bird Shop Opens in Liverpool

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Welcome back to the blog. I hope you have all had a really lovely weekend and your week is going well. The last post I shared was a part of my new blog series, Film Friday, so check that out if you missed it (I’ve linked it). We’re back now though with a sassy bang as I’m introducing to you the new Scouse Bird Shop, brought to you by scouse girl herself, Steph.

Scouse Bird Problems and I on the Scouse Bird Sofa.

The Scouse Bird Journey

Steph, as Scouse Bird has been bringing us humour online for years now. It all started around the time Desperate Scousewives (remember that show?) started on our TV’s in 2011. Scouse Bird Probs popped up on twitter and started making us howl with laughter at scenarios us scouse girls can get in to, and ways in which our cranky men can ruin our lives. Scouse Bird Probs grew and grew and the owner of this hilarious page was anonymous, until recently when Steph decided to put a face to the brand.

Scouse Bird Cupcakes

Scouse Bird Probs has become a well known brand, to fans of hers up and down the country. Steph runs the original twitter page still, as well as The Sassy Bird – Scouse Bird Shop online, her instagram page, the Scouse Bird Problems blog and now an open shop that the public can come and spoil themselves in. Absolute props to Steph for doing this, I’m tired just thinking about keeping them all up to date every day.

The perfect space for Shop & Office

Office storage ideas

Luxury Full Length Mirror

The shop and office space has been something Steph has wanted to set up for a while, as she was fast outgrowing the current space she was working and storing her stock in. The Rent a Space idea fell in to her lap when the owner of the building asked her to promote the space on her social media pages. Rather than jumping in and promoting it blind, she needed a look first to see what was involved. Upon seeing the space and the other businesses on board in there she instantly loved it and imagined up there and then the Scouse Bird Shop and Office Space.

The shop is located inside the Rent A Space (bright yellow building), 9 Dunnings Bridge Road, Aintree, Liverpool, L30 6UU.

To get to the shop, if you’re following your sat nav, you need to drive on to the left handside of the road to drive down slip road, once on the slip road you’ll see the bright yellow railings and building, turn in here and park up.

The Rent A Space unit is full of small local businesses, a florist, a dressmaker, a clothes shop, a wedding stationary designer, a craft school for adults with learning disabilities, a furniture shop and an upcycling shop. The space is rapidly expanding with many more businesses wanting to set up in the space each day.

Scouse Bird Blogs by Always Lovely UK

Glitter sign from Always Lovely UK

Treat Yourselves

If you haven’t shopped on the Sassy Bird shop before then let me tell you what you’re missing out on. The shop has sections for everyone to enjoy, and as I was browsing I was making lists in my head of what I can buy people for upcoming birthday’s and CHRISTMAS (yes guys, it is on the way).

You’ve got the lifestyle and homeware section providing you with the quirkiest mugs, your coffee or tea never looked so chic. The famous Scouse Bird Diaries will soon be stocked in store, but for now you can grab one of the journals. I am really enjoying the Gratitude Journal right now, I have never used one before, but I am starting to see positive benefits from filling it in as often as I can.

The beauty section is one that needs raiding. There’s everything from beauty blenders, selfie lights, colourful make up brushes and Tarte palette’s. The rose shaped beauty brush had to join my collection, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast make up brush

For those things that we always need but never know where to find them, the Scouse Bird Shop has us sorted. Super cute air fresheners, keyrings, USB cords, in car chargers, every kind of beauty blender, and really cute socks can all be found here. I’m thinking perfect stocking filler alert!

The Scouse Bird Shop

Birthday cards with a twist.

You won’t be able to miss the fabulous clothes section in the middle of the store. I was totally in love with the Girl Gang t’shirts that come in different colours. There’s also scarf/kaftan cover ups, other slogan T’s and hats.

Girl Gang t'shirts

When are you visiting?

The shop is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, and a Saturday 9am-4pm. I imagine it’s going to get busy in here as the months go on, and more fabulous stock starts to arrive. When you visit the shop make sure you snap a photo at the Selfie Wall. Take the selfie, share it on your social media profile, tag Scouse Bird in it, show it at the store till and you’ll receive 10% off your bill. 

I found the evening really inspiring to be around many other blogger and influencers that are there supporting a local blogger that has turned her funny twitter account in to a full time brand. The development of Scouse Bird Problems is very motivational and gives me the drive to believe that social media and blogging are creating future jobs & independent women. Hard work really does pay off.

Chatting to Steph from Scouse Bird Blogs.

Inspirational office quotes

Definitely let me know if you visit the shop and what you pick up. One Saturday we could bump in to each other there as I will be heading back soon to pick up a few bits.

Hope you liked the post guys,

Jessi xoxo




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