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  • Welcome to 2020 – A Life Update

    Welcome to 2020 – A Life Update
  • The Year That Made Me Believe In Myself

    The Year That Made Me Believe In Myself
  • Building A Life Offline

    Building A Life Offline
  • A Sunday Well Spent – A Day In The Life

    A Sunday Well Spent – A Day In The Life
  • Turning 30 and Feeling Good

    Turning 30 and Feeling Good

Planning Your Dream Holiday

A dream holiday is something that you have thought of for years and years. You’ve always wanted to imagine it coming true, then you take a leap of faith and book it. This blog post…

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How and Why I Choose To Live A More Positive Life

“We become what we think about.” Earl Nightingale This blog post idea was put forward by a reader of mine. It’s one I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I’ll be doing a monthly…

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St George’s Hall Film Tour

Discover how this Liverpool landmark doubles as New York, the Victorian Era, and a Wizarding World. Plus, pick up a bit of History along the way. I think I have found the perfect thing to…

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Spring Style with ANGELEYE

ANGELEYE are a brand that have been making women look chic all over the world since 2008. It was born out of Camden Market and has grown to be a brand stocked in Next, Debenhams…

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Barre Balance Liverpool – My Experience So Far

If you had told me at any point last year that by February 2019 I’d be completely in love with Barre exercise, I wouldn’t have believed you. For years different physios & Dr’s have recommended…

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Creating Date Night Beauty Looks with Aintree Shopping Park | AD

This is a paid collaboration with Aintree Shopping Park. Products were purchased with provided vouchers. Creating and experimenting with beauty looks for different occasions is one of my favourite things to do. Especially for heading…

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