My top Beauty Buys of 2018

Shopping for make up is certainly one of my favourite pastimes. I love finding new products, swatching colours & experimenting with looks.

I picked up so many gorgeous items in 2018, my make up collection practically doubled. But a few items really stood out to me. These are the ones I have been reaching for daily, despite having great alternatives.

I’m sharing products that create a full face look, and fill up my dream make up bag.


My most used & favourite moisturiser of 2018 has to be *Hydra Essential Day Cream (SPF15) from Clarins.

It’s a thick silky cream that soaks in right away. It doesn’t leave any strange residue on your skin, is a great base for make up, and brightens the skin.

I bought this after getting a facial from the Clarins spa within John Lewis. I loved how my skin felt & looked after it. The majority of products used were from the Hydra Essential range. My skin is always crying out for hydration.

Couldn’t recommend this product enough.


I’ve gone straight on to chat about foundation, as I’ve already spoken, last year, about my favourite primer – Diorskin Forever Primer.

Thinking of that, I also spoke about some foundations that I bought and loved too – the Kiko Milano Smart foundation & Dior Backstage foundation.

But one I don’t think I’ve mentioned, and I adore it, is the Luxe Foundation by Avon. I ordered this last year, and now have a further 2 bottles on standby.

It’s a medium coverage, and applies lovely. The colour matching is hard with Avon, as you can’t test them out. I guessed & it worked out well thankfully. My shade is Nude Bodice.

This foundation is on sale right now, and is only £6 a bottle. Total bargain for the results the product gives you.

Bronze It Up

I love bronzer, creating a warm & healthy look to your complexion is essential for me. It has taken me years to find my perfect bronzer, but I’ve cracked it.

Another Clarins buy that I obsessed over this year is my Limited Edition Summer Bronzing compact.

I fell in love with the Flamingo design and the product. Unfortunately this was limited edition. You can still spot it in Duty Free Shopping & possibly outlet stores.

They have a similar bronzing palette that works just as well. *The Bronzing Duo Mineral Powder compact. Definitely worth trying out, as Clarins create great make up as well as skin care.

Find The Glow

There have been a few highlighters I have fallen head over heels for in recent months.

The best highstreet beauty find has to be the I Heart Revolution highlighter. I initially fell for the packaging, and then for the product. For £4.99 it’s an absolute bargain, with great results.

Dior’s latest full launch collection, the Backstage collection, includes an amazing highlight palette also. There are 4 highlights for different parts of the face/skin tones/effects. I love the mixing the lightest shade, with the bronze.

Lip Saviours

I have too many lovely lipsticks to name. Last year I was sent some & others bought as presents. I wanted to chat though about a lip product I’d looked at for years, but didn’t buy until a few months ago.

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour cream actually is a life saver. Believe the hype.

I was so taken by this product. I got it from World Duty Free in a set with a tube of the classic Eight Hour Cream, as well as a tub of lip product.

The lip balm version of the cream is all I am currently using on my lips. It’s brilliant for dry, flaking, chapped lips. The balm hydrates and nourishes your lips, and doesn’t feel greasy, gunky, or uncomfortable.

I sleep wearing the original Eight Hour Cream & wake up to my lips feeling great! Worth the investment.

Finishing The Look

No day goes by where I don’t spritz my face with a face mist. I absolutely adore them. I feel so refreshed once I’ve applied my make up & I really do think it helps your look last for longer.

My favourite face mist that I’ve ran out of is the Pixi Beauty MakeUp Fixing Mist. But I have found a great alternative, and it’s cheaper.

The Rose Dewy Glow face mist from The Body Shop is a dream product. It is £6 and lasts for ages. I’ve had this product for months, and I’ve still got around a 3rd of it left.

It’s so refreshing, adds moisture to your skin, and creates a lovely glowing look. Can’t go a day without it.

The dream make up bag

So there you have it guys. The products I am so glad I invested in last year. I couldn’t recommend them enough. These are the products I will buy again & again.

If you use any of them already, or will be heading to pick some up, do let me know. I’d also love to know what’s your favourite beauty product that you bought last year.

Happy make up chatting,

Jessi xoxo

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  1. February 3, 2019 / 8:41 am

    Think I’m going to have to try out the Avon foundation! Looks like a bargain.

    • jessiloublog
      February 4, 2019 / 2:08 pm

      Avon foundations are lovely. It is a real bargain & applies lovely. I use one of their foundation brushes to apply it too, they work a dream. X

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